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  1. Ivorytw

    Orthodontic Question

    This may be a stupid question but whatever. I am going to the orthodontist in a couple of weeks to look at the possibility of getting my teeth fixed. I've got an overbite and crowding and a pretty small mouth. I want to know whether it's possible to just get the crowding fixed as I don't care...
  2. Ivorytw

    White eggs

    Does anyone know where I'd be able to find some white eggs? all commercial eggs used to be white but they've switched to brown egg laying chickens as they're more efficient. But occasionally I've seen some white eggs for sale but I don't remember where. Duck eggs are usually white or blue so...
  3. Ivorytw

    How often do you poop

    How often do you poop?
  4. Ivorytw

    Outfit of the Day

    Outfit of the day Who you are wearing: What you were doing:
  5. Ivorytw

    Shoes yeah

    I love shoes, show me your shoes. Shoes are the best, doesn't matter how fat you are (except really fat) or skinny you are. You can always buy sweet shoes. Shoes are a look into the soul. Show me your shoes and I'll tell you who you are. Also I just want to look at shoes. And tell some of...
  6. Ivorytw

    Alright Asians, tell me your secret

    Okay, so I love pearl tea, bubble tea, BOBA tea or whatever the hell else you want to call it. But I find paying $5 a little ridiculous for some balled starch. I have tried making the tapioca balls from a dried form I got in an Asian grocer and I cooked them exactly the way the packet said...
  7. Ivorytw

    Peg it!

    If you all 'like' this page I will rep you 10000 times and give you cake and anything else you want. Please help lil' old me in my quest to pass uni. http://www.facebook.com/String.your.things Peg it! is an environmental awareness group that encourages people to "String their things"...
  8. Ivorytw


    Soup is great. what's your favourite soup? what soup should I make for dinner?
  9. Ivorytw

    At what age (if any) do you plan on having children?

    As stated in the title, at what age (if any) do you plan on having children? And why?
  10. Ivorytw

    Web Comics

    Since I've finished uni I've been reading a lot of webcomics. And by webcomics I mean story comics yu+me dream, Curvy, Lesbian Pirates etc. Does anyone know of any good web comics to read? I'm thinking of making one myself.
  11. Ivorytw

    Glasses Concession

    Does anyone know of any Optometrist that to concessions on their eye-wear or even free eye tests using a low income health card? Preferably in Eastern Suburbs/inner Sydney
  12. Ivorytw

    World War III

    Do you think a Third World War would be plausible? Humanity seemed to have learnt little from the Great War "The war to end all wars". With the obvious destruction that came with nuclear warfare during World War II you would assume that another war would be completely out of the question...