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  1. Earthfan

    GPA Question

    Hey guys! I'm a first year doing Visual Communications at UTS and I got a GPA of 2.75 out of a 4. I'm sort of curious to transfer to Business next year to major in marketing and advertising and I was just wondering how do they work out what GPA Is suitable to transfer at the end of the year...
  2. Earthfan

    Struggling with PIP topic! Urgent for Guidance!

    I am so lost right now, I feel like just going mental. I really need help with a PIP topic. I was thinking of focusing on Music, some of the topics that I had were. Youth Anthems and how they are reflective of of youth, social, political, economical society. Does the power of Pop music have a...
  3. Earthfan

    Help with PIP Idea?

    Hey Guys! I'm currently in term 4 of year 11, but technically I've started the year 12 course so I'm in year 12. My current idea for my PIP is.. "Does music have the same influence on youth as today as it did in the 80's" It's just a very rough idea. I couldn't decide what to do my...