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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    Missed the whole two pages of my optional topic for chem (25%) and still managed an ATAR of 87.3, would of been 90+ if I didn't screw that up
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    Medical Physics Option

    The medical physics options was so easy. For the image B I just wrote it was "Cat or MRI"
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    Missed a whole option

    yeah feels real bad, i'm getting a principles statement to attach to my misadventure slip, hopefully the person who reads my paper isn't a heartless demon
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    Missed a whole option

    I was confident that my paper was completed because all the pages were sequentially ordered, if I had a doubt I probably would have asked
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    Missed a whole option

    I guess you're right :evilfire: I just didn't want to embarrass myself holding the whole year up from their reading time
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    Missed a whole option

    thanks heaps! that has made me feel so much better, I just hope the HSC marker understands my error and has sympathy ;)
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    Missed a whole option

    I wasn't aware that there was an option called chemistry of arts, I thought it was referring to the analysis of paint with spectroscopy which is what the majority of the questions were based on. I'm not a stupid person but I was convinced that it was the forensics topic because the forensic...
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    Missed a whole option

    The officer went through the paper yet she was going too fast it's couldn't keep up, I thought I missed a page so I recounted them and they were all sequential up to 36 because the last pages were stuck together
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    Missed a whole option

    From experience I knew forensics was on the last pages, and seeing key words "Spectroscopy" and emission spectrum I immediately thought it was part of forensics.
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    Missed a whole option

    I know, I was so disappointed I nearly started crying =(
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    Missed a whole option

    I'm studying the optional topic for Forensics and during the exam today I couldn't find the topic anywhere. When the presiding officer was checking the pages I thought a page was missing and I got caught behind checking for it. I quickly made sure the pages were in order and since Forensics was...
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    I just rang the school up and the board of studies, I have to go to the school and work out an illness/misadventure form and hopefully my marks will be scaled according to my school marks, I have no idea how those two pages got stuck together.
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    BOARD*** hahaha sorry
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    General Thoughts: Chemistry

    GUYS HELP ME PLEASE!!! I was supposed to do the forensics topic but the last two pages of my exam were stuck together, I automatically assumed that the "chemistry of art" was part of forensics as it seemed to contain specific words related to forensics!!! Will I have a chance of Resitting the...
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    physics/Chem final prep

    Is it illegal for my teacher to not have done any pracs for the forensics option topic? she didn't even give us any sheets on any of the pracs
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    Chemistry predictions

    Hope we get stuff on CFC's and Ozone! will be so easy
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    oh wow I realised I got that wrong =(. Didn't properly get that geometry one, or the graph or the series, wow... I think I got all of question 9 wrong... :mad2: bye bye band 6
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    QUESTION 10b) iv)

    same, just incase hahaha
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    Estimate your 2U mark :)!

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    Q 10 c (iii)

    yeah I ended up getting around 7% increased loudness, Just doubled the value in ii and showed the ratio