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  1. Fish Sauce

    so how many of you girls fit my criteria

    Shit dude, you just solved the world Congrats, hope you find your list girl
  2. Fish Sauce

    2009 sem1 timetables

    I'm in the Wednesday 9am one. Am currently facing the decision of a 6 hour Wednesday with no break in order to finish earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think I'm gonna do it. Woo.
  3. Fish Sauce

    2009 sem1 timetables

    Heh, I'm having the same trouble right now.
  4. Fish Sauce

    Bachelor of Environments?

    I'd actually advise just doing the first year subjects, as kenny said some of them weren't completely ironed out for us due to them being the first time they were run and I would imagine that the case would be the same for the second year subjects this year. Ah, we're a lucky year that gets to...
  5. Fish Sauce

    Time at Uni

    That's what my friends doing Science seem to have a week. That's if you go to everything though.
  6. Fish Sauce

    External hard-drive!

    I have that one too, it's pretty solid. Cost me $360 or so, that's Singapore dollars though so around $300 AU I guess. I also have the 120 GB Western Digital which is extremely useful because it's more portable. The TB is an absolute beast though, you'd be hard pressed to fill it very quickly.
  7. Fish Sauce


    Except if the other person doesn't do as well on their exam then it is very possible to get a higher HSC mark than them.
  8. Fish Sauce

    Best Console Ever

  9. Fish Sauce

    Best Console Ever

    If you were to say that this was incorrect, you would be incorrect.
  10. Fish Sauce

    Best Console Ever

  11. Fish Sauce

    Laptops for Uni

    Re: How helpful is a laptop at university? Damn, dude. Don't worry about it till then. The longer you wait the better a deal you'll get. Technology improves like lightning and prices go down, by the time you head to uni you'll be able to get a laptop way better than what you specified for the...
  12. Fish Sauce


    Yeah I've read the first one, it's pretty good but to be honest I actually prefer the TV series and what it's done with the source material. The books tend to go for the supernatural so far as I can tell while the series doesn't at all.
  13. Fish Sauce

    Iron Maiden to Tour Australia!

    I hate you all :(
  14. Fish Sauce

    The Super Smash Brothers Thread

    This game makes me want to cry tears of joy. The only wtf is R.O.B. Oh and Captain Falcon is awesome if only for his up B move where he yells "Yes!" when he grabs them and his taunt, "Show me your moves!"
  15. Fish Sauce

    Converting dvd to ipod nano

    Yeah, videora's good, I've used it for my regular iPod and it works no problems.
  16. Fish Sauce

    Chuck (US Airing)

    I've watched 11, didn't realise they'd released two more, that's awesome! Good show, the characters are likeable and help it along. Captain Awesome rules.
  17. Fish Sauce

    What was the last CD you bought?

    Band of Horses - Cease to Begin Rage Against the Machine - RATM and Evil Empire
  18. Fish Sauce


    I actually saw Dexter first so it was a big wtf when I watched Six Feet Under. Took a while to get used to it, haha.