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  1. Conspirocy

    Finance...why bother?

    So after 3 years of listening to people I know and not thinking much of finance, I finally decided to do some finance subjects and see what all the hype is about. My degree was a com/ec and and I had essentially finished my accounting and economics majors already. After 2 sessions and enough...
  2. Conspirocy

    Job Prosects

    Guys have a look at this job advertisment http://www.careers.macquarie.com/jobDetails.asp?sJobIDs=389519&lLocationID=2957&lLocationGroupID_Expand=1&lSkillTypeID=3&stp=WEBSITE&sLanguage=en specifically AND also look at this bit...they seem serious Now thats a scary thought that we are...
  3. Conspirocy

    Internships 2008/09

    its that time of the year, i know some applications have closed, some are closing soon, some are just opening... anyway im going crazy with all this waiting, so thought i'd start the rumour mill and see who's been getting interviews so people can get the early goss. gluck people!
  4. Conspirocy

    Dear Sunny

    Dear Sunny, How can you just close a thread, and use your justification as "no more"? I’m pretty confused as to why you have closed the thread. Especially as the events that transpired have not fully been explained. Was it a gas leak or was it some odour? What are the differences? Is everyone...
  5. Conspirocy

    Degree abbreviations

    Okay this has shitted me for a while now when you are writing the abbreviated form of a commerce degree is it (a) B Com; or (b) B Comm now i think its (a) and that (b) means you studied communications. Also for economics is it (a) B Econ; or (b) B Ec now i know USYD rkn...
  6. Conspirocy

    Options for Economics Students

    Okay so I’m thinking today, those people who are studying economics where are you expecting to find work? I’ve got a couple of ideas, most investment banks, some accounting firms, and government agencies. Thing is, I’m guessing most people doing Economics as a major or a degree obviously have...
  7. Conspirocy

    King Lear - Philippa Kelly - Question

    undefined undefined does anyone know the date of Philippa Kelly's Essay on King Lear - "A Feminist Reading of King Lear" - cause I really need when it was written!