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    Cut-Offs Rising

    have you looked at flexible entry for sydney uni? if you did well in the subjects youll be specialising in, it could be a good option, at least to make sure you're safe with the cut off. the website has heaps about it, you just have to apply before 6th jan.
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    2004 HSC School Stats

    dont know if i just missed all of them, but there dont seem to be any north coast schools on the list. is the more accurate list going to include more schools?
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    Post your HSC Marks + UAI for SAM 04 results

    advanced english - 89 maths 2u - 89 ancient history - 91 textiles and design - 96 chemistry - 82 history extension - 40 (not counted) french cont. - 82 (not counted) 2004 uai - 95.35
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    1 mark off band 6

    i got two 89's, in maths and adv english...they would have been nice as 90's, but then id be being quite greedy :p anyone else get marks pulled down by assessment marks?
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    additional questions in hsc

    from what ive been told, you will not score. one question from each section - if you answer two section fours and no section threes i think you just get your better section four mark and zero for section three. my advice: dont tempt yourself by opening the section four historical period booklet.
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    careers in fashion design

    obviously ive been to neither, but why do you think that natstar? most uni courses have similar acceptance criteria to private colleges (with the exception of uts) and pretty small class quotas, as far as i can find out, so theyre very competitive. i cant imagine the courses themselves differ a...
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    For all 2005 Hist ext students

    snowblack; i know im answering someone else question but ill give you my opinion too. i do thirteen units, and found that seven subjects is fine as long as you keep on top of them... if you enjoy them (or most of them). self-motivation and interest is essential. also, dont give up just because a...
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    how hard was THAT?!

    i was really surprised by the wording of a few questions. i agree, that bi componenet one shouldn't have been so specific, but the question about availability of resources and impact of religion...with cultures with an (s). how did everyone else interpret it? i thought id cover all bases and...
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    careers in fashion design

    sorry, i wasn't very clear in my post...whats the quota for the course at uts, like how many people get in. i know that at qut it was only 20, according to this years qtac book.
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    The weather & your performance

    i was hoping for flash flooding, it happened half an hour down the road and i thought i might get to skip my chem exam but no...turned out sunny. the kids at woolgoolga sat their english in the rsl, with the pokies making all their flashy noises, apparently, because their school didn't have...
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    Finished in 45 min

    out of twenty people in my class, more than half didn't make it till the end - there was seven or eight still there after three hours, the rest all left after an hour, hour and a half... it was a bit of an achievement in itself to make the three hours, i surprised myself by actually having...
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    careers in fashion design

    i was looking at heaps of courses for theatrical costume design when i was appyling for uni...theres no way ill get into uts, and the only other course i found that was suitable was at qut, though it wasnt really what i wanted, and it had a quota of 20...though theres quite a few courses at unis...
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    Module B - Critical Study of Texts

    i also did cloudstreet...i left the question till last coz i didnt have the faintest idea what it was talking about, and how my context differed that much from the context of the book. i pieced together a very dodgy answer about the spiritual aspects and the social classes and then tried to...
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    Case Study: Historicity Of Jesus Christ

    if u dont mind me asking, what on earth is the non-historicity of jesus? i totally screwed up the trial paper - didnt even get over half way in the case study question, but i did really well in the first section (shows where my lack of sleep and study caught up on me!!) in section one the...
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    Case Study: Historicity Of Jesus Christ

    our class is doing jesus as our case study too, but i get so confused when i get into the exams, i can never answer the questions - i tried doing a virgin birth/prophesy fulfillment debate and a radical/feminist debate in the catholic trials, but it didnt work and i think i answered the question...
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    extension trial

    i did the catholic trial, and i was reasonably happy with the first question, but the case study question was horrible!! i had had four hours sleep and three hours study (due to textiles major project) and couldnt for the life of me think of how to do the question (about historians contexts)...
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    Did everyone hand theirs in ok?

    i went alright in the end, but i did about 40 hours of beading and i only started the week before my trials (i'm dreading my results). and coz they put history extension on the monday i had three hours and four hours sleep (yes, my printer broke at midnight!!) to study!! But its OVER!!
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    Is anyone else doind two major works?

    textiles and history extension.....and it looks like i wont be doing anything else these holidays...
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    Positives & Negatives of Major Works!

    jillybean, im making an evening dress with faux panels and a lot of beading!! i was planning on beading the entire bodice to the hips, but i realised i only really have the holidays to do it and the folio, and i have to write my history extension essay (which i have yet to start...oops) in that...
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    GAP Interviews

    I've applied for GAP and got my interview time...but has anyone been for an interview with GAP before? There was only very vague info in the letter regarding the interview - what kind of questions do they ask? If anyone else has been for the interview/overseas with gap/knows anyone who knows...