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    advice on choosing HSC subjects

    I think that i may be able to give the best advice you guys have ever recieved. Ok i finished by Hsc in 2005. The story starts like all of yours, i wanted a high Uai but wanted to do subjects i enjoyed. I searched all the internet sites, i asked all the teachers n i even asked people on...
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    PIP awards

    Hey, does anyone know when the names of the PIP award winners is released. I thought my PIP was really good but i only got an overall score of 83 so i am guessing that i didn't get one but i am intrested to see who did. Also, does anyone know when the book, that has the photo's of the winners n...
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    Anyone going to Southern Cross at lismore??

    The scholarship i got is the Tweed Shire Council one, i get $5000 for one year, $2500 each semester and apparenlty i can apply for it again next year
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    I am going in March...i was meant to be working in the US for 12 months as and Au Pair but reeally hated the social side of it...well lack of it! So i stayed with the family for 1 1/2 months until i just couldn't stand it any longer. Luckly i have rellies in the Us so i have changed my visa and...
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    Anyone going to Southern Cross at lismore??

    Yeah i got a scholarship to SCU at Lismore so i am going to do my first preference Bachelor of Laws/Social Science. I live in Tweed so i am just trying to decide whether i will commute or move down there. I am travelling in the United States at the moment so i am going to try and start in...
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    i have just heard that i have been offered a $5000 Scholarship at Southern Cross and i have been accepted into their Law/Social Science degree and i didn't even recieve the 2004 cutoff for the course. While SCU wasn't my first preference, and i think i can get into some better Uni's, my career's...
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    A UAI of 00.05?

    i had a friend that did crap subjects that ranked low did absolutly no work, left all exams as soon as she was allowed and got a 56. Another friend worked hard all year, did better subjects like Legal studies and got fucked up with a 59. It makes me so angry!
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    Anyone doing teaching?

    hey i was going to do Law but i am thinking about teaching now. I am in America at the moment so i don't have my UAC book here so can you telll me about the course and cutoff mark. What made you choose this course? I love society and culture, community and family and Ab studies, do you think...
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    Society and Culture...what happened

    yeah i came from a crap class where no one worked, i end up finishing my worst enemies Pip ( cos i love my teacher). My assesment mark given to the bos was 91, my teacher has now confirmed that also, and my mark was brought down to an 83 for assesment...resulting in my 83 Hsc results. Now how...
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    Drama results

    hey i really thought that my drama piece were really good, i'm not fantastic at theory but really thought i got ripped off with a 74, i had studied the theory heaps and really knew what i was talking about. My friend also got ripped off with like a 60 something, all the rest of her scores...
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    Tweed River High share your results!

    ok i've looked through all the people i think may have topped a subject on the board of studies websit and this is what i have come up with -Both Kirsti and I are on the Distinguished students list as getting a band 6 in Cfs (i am also on it for Ab studies) - Peter Cunnigham is not on the...
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    Community and Family

    that sucks that we got a 95 n don't get mentioned as topping the subjuect, i wonder what we were ranked maybe 11th seen as it only went to 10th place
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    is it only me or???

    Hey i'm in America n it is workin for me. I went on the hscresults web page, maybe they r just busy n won't let u through. Have u got someone at home that could try to do it for u
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    Tweed River High share your results!

    ok, obviously most of us didn't get scores anywhere near what the other people on this site got, but how did you all go? Tell everyone to hop on this forum so that we can conragulate each other, especially seen as i'm in America and have no idea what goin on down in Aus. What marks did u get...
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    Society and Culture...what happened

    thankgod the first person who didn't recieve a 90 something, everyone else on the oother forums have got like 90... oh i wish i had that score
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    Society and Culture...what happened

    I love society and usually go really well... got 90 for trial, and i knew i hadn't gone to well in my exam but wasn't expecting a HSC mark of 83! I am really not happy with it and i thought my PIP was really good... maybe i am just being biased, lol! What did everyone else get? Does anyone...
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    Aboriginal Studies

    I know hardly anyone does ab studies and there is no forum for it so was wondering what everyone got and how they felt about it! I got a 92, which i am really happy about, i was actually hoping to get better but oh well. What was the top mark?
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    Community and Family

    Hey what did everyone get for cfs? I got a 95.... so happy. I remember looking at what every1 had thought about the cafs exam and you all thought it was easy and i was crying cos i thought i had failed. I am so unbelievebly happy... i know i didn't get top but does anyone know where i was...
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    Exam today

    oh my hand is so sore. How does everyone think they went. Does anyone else think that questions required us 2 write way to much, i am upsat cos i didn't get to write as much as i could, and really display what i learnt...even though i wrote two booklets for each question. I think i went...
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    Any ideas for studying idea 4 cafs

    I think the biggest thing with multiple choice is to read the question really weel cos some times there is a hidden worf for example social needs, and the options may revolve around all needs, one needs, or well being, you need to make sure the option you pick is the social need. I feel i...