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    If you live in the Castle Hill or Hawkesburry regions and would like some extra help with English, EE1, EE2 or Ancient History i can offer reasonably priced tutoring Monday, Tuesday or Friday afternoons/nights. I can travel if you cannot. I am in my second year of my BA in Media and Cultural...
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    Semester 2 2006 Books (Buy & Sell Thread) [p11 start]

    Re: Semester 1 2006 Books Selling Textbooks for 1st Semester CUL 100 (light pencil underlines) MAS 104 2nd Semester CUL101 (light pencil underlines) AHST 101 (some highlighting) All in Great Condition and clear contacted! BUYING Textbooks for 1st Semester MAS 203...
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    what do your parents think about your sex life?

    Well both my parents and my bfs parents know. We've been on many holidays together n stuff, and my mum even put me on the pill. Crazy stuff. Whats even crazier is that now they let him sleep in my bed when he stays over... still wierd tho. Very little communication between me n my parents.
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    Eng Ext 2

    I got 41/50 for both external and internal marking because my teacher didnt give us an assessment mark, as far as i know. Because when i checked the rankings and such earlier, there was nothing for our Eng ext2. Which means it was all left to the marker or markers. They also apparently, are...
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    The 2004 HSC - Ancient History Paper

    I did the admin/achievents of DariusI too. It was pretty good cas you were able to write about eveything he did and its impact... yarda yah And the last part of the Xerxes one was Ok, but i had some good notes on his affect on the different parts of the empire, and his effect/impact on...
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    The 2004 HSC - Ancient History Paper

    I Personalities in their time - 6 - Near East: Xerxes II Ancient Societies - 21 - Greece: Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra III Historical Periods - 33 - Near East: Persia from CyrusII to the death of DariusIII IV Ancient societies - 69 - Persian Society in the time of Darius and...
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    Module A - Elective 3: Speculative Fiction (Essay)

    i guess thats the advantage of a private education over a public education. Too bad we werent 'privelleged' enough to experience it i suppose. The government tries i spose... not hard enough for the young people of today.. especially with the rise in hecks fees!! STUPID GOVERNMENT! hehehe... My...
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    Module A - Elective 3: Speculative Fiction (Essay)

    Well i was pretty pleased, until i realised that i didnt directly refer to the picture, just what it implied and such and now i think how easily i could have slipped in the picture dammit. Ah well.. And i also used three perscribed texts and my supplimentary, so im hoping they dont think i was...
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    essay structure

    I think it is MOSTLY about how you personally, best approach an essay, because by writing in a way that you are comfortable with you will generally write at your best. But i try to avoid breaking essays down text by text as it usually leads to a very flimsy essay with ideas scattered over the...
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    Help - Spec. Fic.

    I personally class it as science fiction, as my definition of 'fantasy' includes 'mythical' elements, which, although THMT has religion, its not 'mythical' like LOTR for example. And due to it being "science fiction" although Atwood Prefers the term 'speculative fiction', it does fit under the...
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    how hard was THAT?!

    As did i. I was juding from the previous years papers which seem alot easier as the questions are alot more generalised, so you can just write down whatever you knew. I am very annoyed at this exam cas im pretty sure i did bad-ish and i cant rely on my MW.. so my UAI will drop a fair amount...
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    how hard was THAT?!

    I wrote about Japanese culture and how the availibility of resources affected what they would produce and that religion gave them a source of inspiration in their garments, leading onto how their traditional costumes and kimonos have shapes todays culture.
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    Answers to General Paper

    Well i was pretty pleased with that exam. One of the easiest actually. LoL. I still regret not doing advanced maths... Would have been ver.. uh... interesting ;)
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    how hard was THAT?!

    The designer one i thought was the best question cas i knew heaps on Collette Dinnigan, but moreso on external and internal things that led to her success. The multiple choice was strange and i had too much time to waste :S Not good. But i had no idea about the parachute question and i didnt...
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    The horror of uni

    Well UNI still sounds enticing none the less, as i have heard and seen far worse things, like the ridiclous time-tabling/scheduling of my bf's course. 9am starts and 5pm finishes on the same day with no breaks and the need to be up at 6-6.30am every morning (if he wants to be at the...
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    The 2004 HSC - (Advanced) English Paper 2

    More time would always be gratefully accepted... :) hehehe... theres never enough of it. If we extended each day by two hours, enabling us to lose several days a year, but gain more 'time' so to say, id be happy ;)
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    Confess, again. How many pages did you write?

    Section I: (BR/BNW) about 6pgs Section II: (Yeats) 7 and a half Section III: (Frontline) no more than 6 I did them in order of II, I, III Spent too long on Yeats and then had to rush the others. There was too much i wanted to say and give examples for but there was not enough time...
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    Confess. How many pages did you write?

    Can you spell CONCEITED? Prolly not as well as this guy/girl/being/creature. Im sure everyone did what they could and its not the 'nerds' or the 'geeks' that make people feel bad, its those with the super high self-esteem that feel they must crush those around them, if only to give them...
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    BNW and BR-eyes??

    The eyes are the gateway to the soul, and the fact that Tyrell wears such thick glasses has some meaning like he has no heart or some crap. Just make up some symbolism.
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    Need More Yeats

    Well our teacher hasnt taught us Marxist or femminist or post modernist ideas or readings of the text. All i have are critics opinions of Yets, that i cant work out how to fit into the categories. I am now freaking out with such little time left and so little resources. The internet doesnt have...