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    Are Bachelor of Arts Courses useful?

    I had a crap atar and my options are bachelor of arts and social science, i wanna do computing as a major, i always hear bad things about arts, why is that and can i get a career out of it?
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    Question about atar exam results

    for the hsc exams, is our atar measured from how well we did our (hsc)exams compared to the cohort or is it what we got as a mark from the hsc exams?
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    Is 70 still possible?

    doubt they failed tho
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    Is 70 still possible?

    My school rank is 75 and my estimated atar is around 65-70, i don't do high scaling subjects and my ranks arent good. After paper 1 I was not able to finish creative and i think i have failed it, even if I do well in paper 2 my overall mark will still be bad compared to others, if I do well in...
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    Three Essays One Night?

    im gonna spend tonight cramming aos discovery and study for paper 2 tomorrow, is it possible to memorise three essays in one night for ppl who've barely studied paper 2?
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    Starting English Now?

    same, are you also memorising three essays in one night after paper 1
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    Starting English Now?

    lol you think you'll do well
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    Starting English Now?

    I was wondering if anyone only started memorising english now with the first test on monday and being confident.
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    What is my atar?!

    thanks, can I get 75 or is it impossible?
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    Discovery AOS urgent

    Guys im desperate, i need access to an essay with a related text on motorcycle diaries, pls i need it, any links or files? Thanks.
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    What is my atar?!

    pdhpe: 30/42 general maths:27/53 advanced eng:69/80 legal:19/25 ancient history:17/20 school:75
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    Cramming Success?

    Hi i've done some english revision which has been minimal and ive forgotten it, with a bit less than one week, im gonna do all nighters to not only study english but other subjects, i've done jack on my subjects for revision has anyone succeeded through tight cramming for hsc where they just...
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    Metropolis help

    for anyone doing metropolis and 1984 what does the city of sons represent in detail
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    Uac Issues, Help!

    i submitted my uac but i found a course that i really wanted to do at a particular uni, can i still get to that course or change my uac now or in the future?
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    What's me bloody atar!

    really how is it 76? Is it alright if you elaborate or if you used an atar calculator. I thought i wouldget a 50ish atar
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    What's me bloody atar!

    Ranks PDHPE:30/42 History:17/20 Legal Studies:16/21 General Maths:27/53 Advanced English:69/80 school rank:75
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    Can i still grow taller?

    Im curious did anyone grow taller after high school, i know everyone is different with different genes. Im 5'9 and I want to be 5'11.
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    Low atar estimate

    thanks for your response!
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    Low atar estimate

    really how? i honestly thought the max for me was 60ish
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    Low atar estimate