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    GAMSAT 2012

    perhaps for this year but for those who plan to sit next year know that resources are there for the taking...
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    GAMSAT 2012

    There's around 300mb of downloadable official prep materials on demonoid if anyone is interested. By Acer and Medprep. That was very nice of him/her.
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    Move to China?

    Considering China's growth, and the fact that it's growing faster than any other country in the world, I highly doubt the pollution will subside - I believe the laws of science suggest that it will increase severely. Unless China says, "Enough with this shit, we've got enough money now build...
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    Move to China?

    You make a valid point, but situations like this can turn sour quite quickly hence why I recommend walking away. Every slap I've laid on a person they tend to be stunned because they simple weren't expecting it, and there's a few seconds of thinking on their behalf which allows you to slip away...
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    Move to China?

    If you choose to work in such places well then that's on you, also sitting back and taken it is not the way to go about it. If there's no one higher within the business or corp perhaps a little violence would rectify their attitude towards you? Be quick about it, for example a good slap across...
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    The right to bear arms

    I actually missed that, thanks for pointing that out.
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    The right to bear arms

    Lols anyone find that first quote a little racist? My guess is Supt. Gueren is referring to Middle Eastern individuals or perhaps Asians, or maybe he's just making a valid comparison, someone help me out?
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    2012 Back to School Gear: Be Quick!

    I lol'd.
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    The right to bear arms

    Understood, excuse my ignorance. What exactly is the OP getting at here? Does he mean the right to bear arms without any form of training or license therefore the right to carry a handgun like what exactly, a Swiss knife? No. Also I believe currently you need solid reason to own a gun in...
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    does anyone else have a ps3 mic?

    Be nice, they also spot.
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    Favourite Movies.

    Re: top 10 favourite movies Such an amazing film. Movies I enjoyed: Salinui chueok (Original title) Memories of Murder (2003) - S Korean Thriller Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (Original title) My Sassy Girl (2001) - S Korean Comedy/Romance Ajeossi The Man from Nowhere (2010) - S Korean Action Låt...
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    Near 87, an excellent result.
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    The right to bear arms

    It should be mandatory that, if one wishes to own a gun, extensive training be completed at the cost of the applicant. If John or Jill wants to own a gun I don't see any problem with the idea as long as training and extensive BG checks are completed.
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    Post Your PC Specs

    CPU: AMD 555 Black Edition Dual Core Unlocked to Quad @ 3.6Ghz COOLER: Cooler Master TX3 MOBO ASUS M4A78LT-M LE RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 6GB @ 1333Mhz GPU: GainWard Nvidia GTX460 1GB S.E. @ Stock PSU: Antec 430w Earthwatts (EA430W) HDD: Western Digital -500GB Blue (Primary) -500GB Green (Media)...
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    Recommend me a graphics card

    Another $50 and get a GTX460. Go SLi for BF3.
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    Would you rather be..

    who could resist mastering the touch of death... i'd go the asian
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    Why the hate on pharmacy?

    :rofl: yeah definitely...
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    Why the hate on pharmacy?

    aviation different though, specialisation compared to civil or computer... of course they all are specialisations however aviation is the wrong specialisation for Australia considering we do not build aircrafts... we dont produce computers either but you can see how the demand is there when you...
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    GPU Dilemma

    No zorse, just hope.