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    how did u make friends in uni.

    Making 'friends' is real easy. For me, I just put on my super deep, super sexy Barry White voice and charm the pants of them.
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    Delta vs guy - Who is YOUR Australian Idol??

    I doubt Delta would have won idol... Like they keep preaching, idols not only about singing. And i've yet to see Delta perform...but if it's like that video clip of her latest single bah.
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    Redfern Racial Rioting

    Saying the kid didn't have a choice whether or not to commit crimes because he's poor and has no education is stupid. I don't care if you were molested as a child or were raised in poverty, the line has to be drawn somewhere and people have to be responsible for their crimes. Racist.
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    In a practical sense, the best language to learn if you intend to go to Europe is French I think.
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    last samurai! seen it?

    Errr it had ninjas? Serious? I'll see it right now....
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    What are my chances?

    Selling badges? Collecting donations? Daffodills? How on earth does that make you a better doctor? No offence to Med students or anything but thats bullshit.
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    Which Uni's in sydney would you consider part of the elite?

    UTS also has that 1 year work experience or something. That really helps them to get a job unlike the other elite unis. When my mum was working for Prudential (an insurance company b4 it merged) most of the new programmers hired were the work experience people from UTS. Guess that doesn't...
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    guys at unsw

    Re: Re: guys at unsw Okay if someone wants to dye their hair bright orange wear their light pink scarfs and polkadot gloves, fine. But it's not their culture. You listen to rock/rap/pop/whatever the hell you listen to because you enjoy that type of music. These sick fucks don't. They listen...
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    guys at unsw

    I guess he means people that act THEMSELVES and not do things to be as 'azn' as possible. Things like carrying around those faggy Hello Kitty pencil cases. Or always dying their hair orange and hanging around only with people that are as 'azn' as they are. Or saying "Du ma" every sentence...
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    HECS is rising every year

    The difference in each year is around 2% which is consistent with Australia's inflation which has been steady at around 2% for the last decade or so.
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    So whos doing law?

    Well on it's own it looks like a decent amount...but nothing to really write home about. After also considering the people who did the courses were the cream of the crop its pretty ...bad.
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    So whos doing law?

    But practicing lawyers don't get all that much money. The average salaries for laywers are Private: $77,272 Government: $74,360 Coporate: $127,227 You also have to keep in mind that coporate lawyers make up ~15% of all lawyers. Source...
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    The OPTUS NEW plan is out!!!

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    wat did u get?

    I got 1st pref mining engineering
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    is music getting worse?

    But how long does it take for something to be elevated from 'fad' status? 10 years? 20? Because Rap isn't an overnight sensation. Popular rap music has been around since Run DMC released their platinum selling self titled debut album in 1984.
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    Tupac Shakur

    california love Any of you pac fans like Nas? What you guys think of God's Son?
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    is music getting worse?

    What I find annoying is when they mix rnb chorus with rap verses. It hurts both genres imo.
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    Tupac Shakur

    The sheer amount of songs released after his death would lead to believe otherwise though...until you see the gradual decline in quality and the fact that many of his songs are re-releases etc.
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    is music getting worse?

    Depends on how you look at it, really. Sure, if you were a Jew the Nazi party being around would have sucked bigtime. But for ordinary Germans, i'm not so sure. Cheap cars, cheap radios, low unemployment...all for price of giving up democratic freedom but who gives a shit about political rights...
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    Tupac Shakur

    People in general know about 2pac because gangsta type songs but he is remembered for his more personal songs. The closeness he had to his mother, his spirituality and his fight against police brutality, racism and a host of other political problems in America is what seperates him from other...