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  1. mr_speedy

    spurs win nba championship

    damn, did anybody just watch the game? was going for the pistons, but it was a good series..
  2. mr_speedy

    summer subjects

    g'day, just wondering if its possible to do some summer courses by correspondence?
  3. mr_speedy

    transferring between unis

    how do i transfer to another uni, but still doing the same degree?
  4. mr_speedy

    parking @ unsw

    where are some good places to park, say from 9 - 5?
  5. mr_speedy

    dropping chem 1011

    im doing science, and i want to drop chem, which will mean i am only doing 18 units. the major i want to do next year does not need chem as a prereq, so is it ok to drop chem still? because i hate it.
  6. mr_speedy


    whats the unigym like? is it good for weights?
  7. mr_speedy

    changing timetable

    how do i change my timetable on the myunsw site?
  8. mr_speedy

    chance to get 80+?

    ancient history = 87 band 5 economics = 80 band 5 standard english = 72 band 4 2u maths = 80 band 5 pdhpe = 87 band 5 thanks in advance
  9. mr_speedy

    managing anxiety

    this is a 4 mark question - Outline the methods that can be used to manage anxiety can anyone help?
  10. mr_speedy

    essay question

    whuat are some questions for the essay on the prescribed text, like for an interview or speech etc.
  11. mr_speedy

    ecologically sustainable development

    what is the economic benefits and costs associated with achieving eco sustainable development? any one?
  12. mr_speedy

    my place

    what are some essay questions for my place?
  13. mr_speedy

    what is the figure for australias CAD at the moment

    any help..... is there a site??
  14. mr_speedy

    ques about external stability essay

    ive got an essay on external stability and how it affects australia's economic growth and economy. should i talk about how import & export demand is determined? or is this unneccasary. :confused:
  15. mr_speedy

    how does inflation affect the aus economy?

    any help :confused: