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    major project help--> evaluaton of sorces???

    if you are more than 10% over the word count, your school may be anal about it and decide to deduct marks as for the evaluation of sources- check the syllabus for full details. essentially you'll need to critically analyse a few of your sources like you do in the 2 unit history courses. you...
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    question on double degrees?

    unis differ in terms of what double degree combinations they offer so look around, ask questions on open days etc. In terms of workload, as Minai said, there won't really be a change but you will be at uni for longer. eg. Arts/Law is 5 yrs. Not 3 yrs for arts and 4 yrs for law
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    reflection statement

    stuff to include may be, but is by no means limited to, your purpose and how you have achieved it your audience and how you have made your work relevant the changes you made along the way and why developments in your idea why you chose your medium and how it worked out for you how you...
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    Sooo... where you at?

    not a huge deal, but if you want to get it bound it only costs like $4
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    Tech Questions about Project

    Year 12, at the start of the year did you receive written notification that you could use as many words as needed? if not, i would strongly advise you go speak to your teacher about it asap
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    Tech Questions about Project

    yes the word limit is 2500. if the quote is in your essay it will definitely count as part of your word count. Unless you do what Bob the Tomato said and simply refer to it in your footnotes. However if you specifically need the wording of the quote included, it will have to be part of the essay...
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    so... who's finished?

    Take a break from writing. For as long as you can afford to anyway. Often if you let your mind drift onto other things, you'll be able to come up with new ideas.
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    help! my teacher doesn't teach -_-

    remember though, sometimes the question can be quite specific. eg. the way the historians view on truth in history differ or it can also be very broad so be prepared for both
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    How did your viva go?

    the beauty of the hsc tho is that you always have a chance to improve your marks. even if it is worth 60%, that means it's only 30% of your final mark. which means even if you don't do as well as hoped you have so many opportunities to improve your mark in your trials and final exam
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    syllabus requirements

    yep that's it. it's not as though they're going to dedcut marks- just to make it readable
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    Thesis q's

    Even if your project is marked externally (i presume not by the board of studies but just by markers out of your school) marks are allocated to the journal. It's worth the same as the proposal from memory. Even if you don't have much time left- you can still maximise your marks. Make sure you...
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    please help with journal

    there is obviously always going to be different marking criteria when things are marked internally (although in theory there probably shouldn't be). Anyway, you're probably the best judge of what your teacher wants. We had about 50 people doing ext hist at our school so journals were marked HARD...
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    syllabus requirements

    the requirements of a short story are no different to any other medium. Have a look at the ext 2 syllabus at boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au good luck!
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    What if i can't link my major work??

    you don't have to link it to any of the modules you're doing. link it to the skills you've developed- be that essay writing or creative writing and the research skills you've developed in terms of understanding texts and contexts etc
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    Too late to totally change idea?

    the best way to go about it might be to think of your current idea and what you would need to change about it in order to be happy writing. that way you're not totally changing your idea but just developing it. will look better in the journal and relfection statement so it doesn't seem like you...
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    Structuring response for historiography question

    this may or may not work for you but this is what i did last year. Question 1; what is history Write about five paragraphs- each on a separate idea about history. It might be purpose, methodology, contextual influence (this comes into all of them though), interpretation of sources, types of...
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    Half-yearly Exam Results

    did it in 2002 didn't have half yearlies but got 48/50 for my trials, 40/40 for the project and 48/50 for the final exam
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    case study ....?!

    for your purposes yes, you'll usually refer to the author as the historian
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    case study ....?!

    i don't know if this will help, but i hope it does =) 1) for the case study try and make notes under headings of the different historians and their perspective on each of the dot points in the sylabus 2) in these notes discuss the historian's perspective, background, context, purpose, evidence...
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    please help with journal

    some teachers are obviously more flexible with the journal than others and you seem to be blessed with one of those. i think you should keep what you've written and just build on it as your concepts of historiography develop