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  1. J

    UOW 2009 Roll Call

    Jess Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Exercise Science) 2009 :)
  2. J

    Question Chain Thread !!!

    Wondering the same thing lol. Just trying to memorise them now but having no luck at all.
  3. J

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Yer should've stuck with my first choice... damn lol. oh well. thanks :)
  4. J

    Section I: Multiple Choice

    For 11, I firstly went to kinetic thinking that was it, but then since it said resistance is the same, isn't that the load/weight?? I was tossing between the two and ended up choosing isotonic but now thinking i should've stuck with isokinetic. anyone else get C for that or am i just stupid lol. ???
  5. J

    Sports Medicine Marathon 2008

    Ice should be applied immediately to soft tissue injuries to reduce pain, swelling and bleeding by reducing inflammation. Methods of ice application include crushed ice in a wet towel, frozen gel packs, and immersion in ice bucket, and should be applied 10 mins every hour, up to 4 days. Ice...
  6. J

    Your Statistics

    There is another thread with some trends as well if that helps. :-)
  7. J

    Sports Medicine Marathon 2008

    Physical activity during pregnancy does not need to cease, but safety measures msut be taken: - Avoid overheating - keep weel hydrated - Avoid high impact sports - Reduce intensity. Issues associated with physical activity during pregnancy: - Trauma to baby - Decreased blood flow - Decreased...
  8. J

    Your Statistics

    Life expectancy: Males: 78.5 Females: 83.3 ATSI's 17yrs less. Injury and Accidnets: 6% deaths. Diabetes: 2.7% deaths Arthritis: 31% population suffer at some time. Asthma: 0.24% deaths.
  9. J

    Improving Performance Marathon 2008

    Describe how overload techniques can be applied in resistance training. (5 marks)
  10. J

    Sports Medicine Marathon 2008

    Direct- External force to the body Indirect- Caused by an internal force. Soft Tissue- Occurs to soft tissue; tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, nerves, organs and bursa. Hard Tissue- Bones, teeth and joints. Overuse- occurs as a result of repetitive movements, incorrect technique or excessive...
  11. J

    Health Promotion help? =[

    Wheres the question from? Cause its hard lol. I am screwed for core 1, actually all pd but core 1 is so damn confusing lol. Since it says potential I would assume it is referring to the NPHA as it is the current health promotion thingy. I'm not sure if this is right, but maybe discuss the...
  12. J

    Gas-liquid and HP Liquid Chromatography

    Uses: GLC- identify pesticide recidues in food, detecting illegal drugs or performancing enhancing drugs in athletes, trace pollutants inair and water, and other substances at crime scenes. HPLC- Same as GLC, but also detecting traces of explosives, and analysis biological samples such as...
  13. J


    I always find pdhpe multiple choice elimination, the answer is only the answer because it has to be, not because its the proper answer lol. (If that makes sense) So yer, you know that the others aren't social determinants so it definately can't be them. I hate multiple chocie for pd. always...
  14. J

    The Jakarta Declaration

    SIPIC Social Responsibility Investments Partnerships Infrastructure Community and individuals I know thats not the full proper names, but I jsut remember those main words and the rest comes back to me lol. But, I hate the Jakarta Declaration lol. Hoping there isn't an extended response...
  15. J

    How Have You Changed?

    I've realised that I can't sleep until I have accomplished what i wished. Even if it means countless all nigthers to learn to stop procrastinating during the day. I know what it feels like to be completely socially isolated, and have learnt to appreciate any form of social interaction. This...
  16. J


    Thankyou :)
  17. J

    Question Chain Thread !!!

    - Metal oxides are mostly basic - Non metal oxides are mostly acidic. - Oxides of the 5 elements close to the borderline between metals and non-metals are amphoteric, that is, they show acid and basic properties. Yeh kinda simple answer but thats all I could come up with lol. Describe the...
  18. J


    Re: Something that made you say "my parents are so naive" My mum thinks because I do pd I know absolutely everything to do with sport, food, diseases, anything to do with that type of stuff. 'You would've learnt that in pd' No matter what it is. lol.
  19. J

    Question Chain Thread !!!

    An amphiprotic substance is a substance that can act as both a proton donor and as a proton acceptor. (related to Brosnted-Lowry acid-base definitions) An ampthoteric substance can react as an acid or a base according to the Arrhenius definitions (when dissolved in water an acid increases...
  20. J

    Psychology and Nutrition

    i found a bachelor of Science (Psychology and Nutrition) course on the Wollongong Uni website. Its the exact course i would love to do but i didn't even know it existed. Its not in the UAC guide although it has a UAI cut off. I was wondering if anyone does this course, knows anyone who does this...