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    Why is it so hard to find a job?

    me too.. so depressing,, i cant get a job outside fastfood... ive been applying to dicksmith for the past year and i havnt gotten single interview,,, gets me wondering if tandy/dicksmith are even interested in filling up the job postion they constantly have advertised on their website every...
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    Cricket Team

    yea im in the same boat,, i joined up with the sports union, but how do i join up with cricket?!?
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    Why did you leave you last job??

    Hey guys.. in interviews when they ask, about your previous employment, they usually ask "are you still working at coles (or wherever you work)?" "why did you leave?" i was asked this at an interview, and my mind went completely blank.. and the only excuse i could think up was "study...
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    BAH B science vs B science (advanced)

    science and science(advanced) is basically the same course, except i think science advanced people have to choose a certain amount of advanced subjects to fulfil the course outlines, unlike normal science people who just have to do normal subjects...however from my knowledge im pretty sure...
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    Rules for Customers

    If You Point A Laser In My Eye ...and I Ask You To Stop, And You Dont... Its My Right To Punch You In Your Fuking Face....and If You Threaten To Call The Police,,, I Dont Give A Fuk You Stupid Bogan Fuker... May You And Your Inbred Family Burn In Hell!!! I Dont Have A Job Anymore Becuase Of...
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    Anyone work at KFC?

    wait nvm your not even in sydney lol ;p
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    Anyone work at KFC?

    yea,, i did do the night shift a few times... we normally closed at 1130....it wasnt too much of a hassel for me becuase i was within walking distance of my house.. and the area i lived in was quite safe... one perk of teh closing shift is that you get to take all the food that wasnt sold...
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    Anyone work at KFC?

    yep used to work there a while ago... so im not sure if much has changed since when i worked there.... the pay rate was shit, and i think you get a decreased pay (half rate) for 2 weeks for "training". They also tend to give younger people more shifts besuase they get to pay them less than...
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    The Department Says Relax

    dont relax fools,, the department wants you all to fail and go to tafe,,, (not that there is nothing wrong with that) At this stage of your hsc progession i would say a minimum of 8 hrs a day full on study.. (ofcourse you should take a few breaks in between, like a 10 min stretch of the legs...
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    omg woot muse return!! saw them in january,, one of the most entertaining bands to see live,,, only two things might stop me from seeing them live again 1- insane ticket price 2- might clash with uni exam timetable we shall see
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    bachelor of science and arts ?

    thank you,,, ill probably have to wait till uni starts to do that,, so frustrating because now my timetable is all messed up ><
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    bachelor of science and arts ?

    alright,, i just transferred from a bachelor of science (at usyd) to a bachelor of science and arts (at usyd ;p) don't ask why :) . anyway i just logged into myadmin and found that i am enrolled in both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of science and arts =.=.... so my question is...
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    UAI estimate/help

    your on track,,, dont slack off before the hsc and you'll definitely get 87+
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    please guesstimate me :)

    my advice is not to use SAM until u actually get your hsc marks (may i add that it is fairly accurate was off by +2 for me ><) from your marks and rankings,, you seem to be going fairly well and 85+ doesn't look too hard,, just lift your chem marks up by abit and you'll be fine
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    Please help lads!!Yew

    From the marks and rankings you have posted, a uai of 80+ is achievable,, however im abit concerned about your mod history and soc ranks, work abit harder and you should be able to achieve at least 73 without much of a problem
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    hey is anyone in first yr chem 11011?

    xiao is a legend!
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    Current Song I've Played to Death

    MUSE- Stockholm syndrome.
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    did anyone else get 387mg/L for EDTA?

    yeha that is 100% wat i got! nice to see i finally got one of those fkn questions correct!
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    Hsc Harder This Year

    and to answer the question the chem paper this year, was harder than previous years, the questions were strange and in some cases confusing..