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    real quick, can someone explain please??

    The maths do check out, its only because the HSC doesn't stress the maths behind your problem unless you do Industrial or something where you learn about equilibrium constants and the like. What the other guy said is pretty much correct but its not a stupid question and was actually raised...
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    Gas-liquid and HP Liquid Chromatography

    Yeah, why not? TLC is basically a quick way of checking what's in a mixture. For HPLC and GC the whole process is really tedious, needs a lot of washing and waiting whereas for TLC its much quicker. However, TLC is less accurate in terms of quantitative measurements although, quantitiative...
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    If you get what the person above me posted let's see if you can explain if it is possible for an allotrope to consist of a number of different isotopes :)
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    whats the difference between transuranic elements and radioisotopes??

    Simply stated, transuranic elements are those with an atomic number greater than that of uranium (92). Radioisotopes on the other hand can be thought of as unstable isotopes that are radioactive. It is highly likely that some transuranic elements exist as radioisotopes. They are probably...
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    Why are alkanes soluble in alcohol, but not water??

    Dispersion forces exist between molecules of water. As previously mentioned they are due to random movement of electrons causing temporary areas of charge differences, there is no reason why the electrons in water do not move simply because O is more electronegative than H. However, it's...
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    Photoelectric Effect Question

    So photocurrent does not refer to the amount of charge passing a certain point in the circuit per unit of time? I thought photocurrent was simply the current resulting form the photoelectric effect, and wasn't anything THAT special. So my problem arises when you give electrons more...
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    Photoelectric Effect Question

    Can someone please explain why increasing the frequency of the incident light (assuming it is above the threshold frequency) does not increase the photocurrent?
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    Thanks.. it was really pissing me off :P
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    An astronaut set out in a spaceship from Earth orbit to travel to a distant star in our galaxy. The spaceship travelled at a speed of 0.8 c. When the spaceship reached the star the on-board clock showed the astronaut that the journey took 10 years. An identical clock remained on Earth. What...