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    babygoose im a casual lifeguard too, and swim teacher, im 18 and get 18.23 for teaching, and 18.85 for lifeguarding. lifeguarding is like the easiest job, i stand there doin absolutely nothin. recommended to anyone.
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    Freddy Vs Jason

    freddy vs jason is good for a laugh, the way the blood squirts out like a hose every time jason slices someone... so unrealistic. not that its supposed to be real but u know what i mean.
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    How much did you write?

    Section 1 - 8 pages Section 2 - 8 pages Section 3 - 9 pages
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    First out

    hey i think that paper was pretty easy, they were all pretty general questions with nothing specific to answer. Section 3 was my worst one but i think i still went ok
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    Official Question 2 Thread - Creative Writing

    i wrote about the wedding pic, and how i changed from being a homeless dero in Indonesia to a happy bloke in Australia married to that chick, it was really pathetic, 4 pages. Ill be lucky to get 6/15 i'd say
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - absolute shit but Newsboys - worst movie EVER. Dont complain about shit movies until u have seen this one. A bunch of idiots dancin around the streets deliverin newspapers while singing and dancing. Pure shit.
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    AoS exam

    i dont know if what i wrote was right about the kid lying, but i know of others that wrote the same as me so i hope i did ok.my old person was called Doris, and my interviewer was John Smith how original hahaha and i did pretty much the exact same changes as u ie physical environmental...
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    Metallica 21 / 1 / 04

    by the way, at the ticketek we were at, the people who got there at 3am missed out on their floor tickets so they werent happy, lucky we got there when we did coz i was goin to get there bout 3-4am but thought that it cant hurt to go a bit earlier
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    Metallica 21 / 1 / 04

    yeh but campin out to get tickets is fun, hehe gets boring but head down the bottle-o, grab some beer and ur set for the night hahah. went to maccas about 5 times. Spendin the night with all these weird metallica fans was cool, meet some funny people. BDO will be awesome too, did u go this...
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    Metallica 21 / 1 / 04

    heheh yeh we got there early alright 10pm the night before, tickets sold at 9am so whats that, 11 hrs? i was first to be given my tickets from the 3 register things and my ticket is number 81, thats how fast they sold out. my sister got hers about 10secs after me and was number 130, my friend...
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    Metallica 21 / 1 / 04

    i got my tickets, 5 floor tickets, i was front of the line at ticketek in the city and i waved them around at the people behind who missed out it was so much fun.
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    Anything by Rammstein, and other good bands are Finger Eleven and Blindside
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    Help with Raw??

    i used the movie Shawshank redemption and an article out teacher gave us about WW2 prisoners of war. i found Shawshank worked well
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    What texts are u studing for each module?

    heres mine -AOS - Away -Strictly Ballroom for image -Wilfred Owen -Raw/institutions
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    AoS exam

    I thought that it was ok except for part 1, the section about the kid who makes up stuff about her parents fighting, took me like 4 reads to understand it, waste of time. section2 was good i thought - 6 booklet pages section3 was not too bad - 7 booklet pages