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    Q. 17 Multiple Choice

    I think that in the end the crux is what it means by "practice" In everything there is a 'theory' and then there is the 'practice' of that theory. The 'theory' of transfer pricing is to redirect profits to take advantage of not neccesarily 'tax havens', but countries with less tax, yes...
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    catholic trial 2004

    Would anyone be able to tell me the two essay questions for Rome 133-78 BC: Political Revolution from the 2004 catholic trial?
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    Spartan Society

    I'm just going through the Spartan society - dot points at the moment... I've come across a couple of ones that I'm not 100% sure about. I'll post what I have and could others please confirm that its on the right track and/or add stuff? Outline the main features of Spartan marriage customes...
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    Board of Studies reveals 2004 raw marks

    Hey, What exactly is the "Initial Moderated Assessment Mark"? Is that the 'raw mark' that the School gives to BoS? If so, I thought you couldn't send in "decimal places" numbers (i.e. they had to be rounded off to nearest whole number) and I saw some decimal places in the first page...
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    equal ranks

    hey, I know how the hsc marking / scaling / moderating works but I have a query: Let's say the school gives an equal 5th ranking - does that mean the 5th highest mark (in the HSC) will be allocated to them (as 50% of the mark)? If this happens, doesn't this mean schools can like put 5-10...
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    Past Paper sharing

    The papers I have are in hard copy and scanning isn't really an option for me, so I'm not sure how I'd pass them on. :/ On that note, i thought I'd update - I did manage to find the Catholic 2004 paper but I am still in search of; - Catholic 2003, 2004 (solutions only) - Independent...
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    Past Paper sharing

    Hey guys, Got a query - would anyone have (and be willing to give? :confused: ): Catholic 2003 solutions Catholic 2004 paper + solutions Independent 2004 paper + solutions I have all other papers, besides those, if anyone is interested, Cheers
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    catholic paper

    anyone? :confused:
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    catholic paper

    hey, I've read somewhere that posting up catholic papers is not permitted, though I have a favor to ask. I've managed (painstakingly) to gather up most past papers but the one that I have not been able to get is the 2002 catholic trial paper. My school claims not to have it (or are just too...