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    Combined JD proposed? thoughts...

    Hah, it looks like the Faculty of Law has done a backflip... typical USyd bureaucracy collapsing there. The biggest issue for the JD was that the Faculty of Law are committed to having a very united school--that is they did not want those on the LLB program to be excluded from JD subjects and...
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    ANU vs UNSW vs USYD vs Melbourne vs Macquarie finance/commerce?

    We've been discussing that throughout this whole thread, so to come out of nowhere and say UniMelb is the best without saying why or how you know doesn't make sense.
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    Too tired of travel

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but marks are scaled to a bell curve. That means they've allocated 5% of the cohort to get high distinctions and therefore there are always going to be people who get them. I suppose it could also depend not on how much ritalin is in your veins, but how much alcohol is...
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    I can't feel my ass.

    Just find someone hot to sit next to and ask them what degree they're doing. (Actually, that seems to be able to get conversations going anywhere). Smile, look at their face... you know all the stuff they taught you in Kindergarten. Infact, Sesame Street if you can remember it gives good...
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    Massive bookshop queue

    Yeah, it was the texts from the Co-op I was talking about before and dang, looks like there's no way to avoid the queue. As for the copy centre, do they have their own website somewhere?
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    Massive bookshop queue

    If books are ordered online, do we still have to queue up?
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    How hard is it finding a job now?

    Awesome! Which IT store?
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    How hard is it finding a job now?

    Bottom line is, employers won't even look at your resume unless they desperately need staff. Even Woolworths, Coles and McDonalds will stop looking at resumes if they don't need any more staff. What I've noticed with these big employers is that they take advantage of younger persons being...
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    Aww shieeet. Make that 3 ;)
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    DPP thought our test sucked

    He does sound like a bit of an old kook in this article, but I'm sure he means well to the kids who sat it.
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    'Outline the ciminal process from a crime being reported to a sentence being given'.

    Re: 'Outline the ciminal process from a crime being reported to a sentence being give Argh. Some of you are over-thinking it. Arrest Bail Committal Hearing (plea is entered, if guilty, straight to sentencing hearing) Trial, evidence heard from both sides, jury decides on a verdict...
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    Re: ***FIRST LESSON FREE!*** 2/3/4 unit MATHS and PHYSICS HSC TUTORING [PARAMATTA ARE His ranks looks dodgy, but would you rather a math freak who cant talk or someone whos willing to communicate with you? Clint here is a good communicator alright... and his story in English, A Pointless...
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    Haha Kamalie, good to see you! I remember coming out of the chem HSC last year and having an argument ofver significant figures and even though he won't admit it, I bet you that's the reason why he was 3rd in the state instead of 1st. ;) But seriously though, this guy helped not just me, but...
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    took my dads v8 for a spin at 4am, without a license

    Yeah, but you sure as hell weren't hit at 150km/h. ...oh, snap.
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    lol-countdown timer

    Bump guys, it's getting closer! Btw, the one in the OP is for English Paper 1. So if you have an exam before that, don't use it ;)
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    Ich bin ein Girraweener

    Ich bin ein Girraweener
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    UMAT 2009 Official Results

    hahaha legend. ;)
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    Sci-Fi Creative Writing: Critics Wanted!

    Needs more sophistication-- add fancy words and perhaps be a little bit more evocative if you can manage it. I'm probably saying this too late for your trial, but keep practising for the HSC!
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    Super Smart Students

    *Phil Gould voice* no no no no no. Bill Gates actually finished high school with (apparently) an SAT score of 1595/1600. Yes, he skipped classes and such to do business, but he still gunned school at the end. His parents had something to do with the Harvard Law School which he dropped out of...