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    Last Line of your Major Work?

    When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire?
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    Main features of Communist (Bolshevik) ideology at the time of revolution

    Hi, Could someone please explain (in brief) the main features of Communist (Bolshevik) ideology at the time of revolution? That is, how did this ideology change from the beginning of 1917 to Oct / Nov of that same year? Is it essentially that Lenin realised he could use the proletariat to his...
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    Art Express 2007- Post your Thoughts

    Of course, many of the works were inescapably teenage. But that is to be expected. It seems like everyone who does some kind of Basquiat emulation gets into Art Express. The markers seem to like 'contentious' issues too. Immigration, migration, the Vomit generation. It just depends on how well...
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    HALF-YEARLY EXAM. Green legs and spam.

    Kind of confused on where about to post this. Sorry if it’s in the wrong spot. I’d just like to ask a question on Section III (text response), if you’d be so kind… My teacher has suggested we choose three themes / insights for each text (the WHAT) and at least three language techniques for each...
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    Body of Work Ideas

    Does any one know if you can just write a manifesto for the BOW? And what category would it fall under? And do your eyes itch, because mine do.
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    where's your BOW at?

    I have too many ideas. Nothing pinned down. It's not you. It's me. I'm scared of commitment. Bit worried. Progress mark in 2 weeks. Need to start.
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    Viva Voce

    When is your Viva Voce? Mine is in 2 weeks. We're meant to have 50% of our draft completed by then (I don't think they really expect this, though.) Any advice from past Viva's?
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    According to my proposal, I'm meant to have my initial research, "including the stages of definition, selection and organization", completed by the end of these holidays. I haven't started, yet.
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    Inspiring Short Stories

    Roald Dahl anything. Try verse novels, too.
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    Major Work Journal

    This one girl at my school who has hair that touches her waist and plays the cello beautifully and wants to get into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music told me that I should try to fill out at least 3 pages of my journal per week. I don’t think I have done this so far. I was just wondering what...
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    Don't know what I'm doing...

    I've encountered a problem so far which I think is worthwhile enough to mention. I do not know if what I write is good. Technicalities aside, even. How does one measure the worthiness of their own writing? Does good writing have to make an author think "wow" and feel all light like I did that...
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    English Extension II... 2007

    Year 11, by chance, or some kind of higher premeditation, turned out that way. But this is year 12. Apparantly it's serious. It's external. Markers hearts cannot be won over by early appearances to class and extra interest in novel studies like those of teachers can, and have been in the past.
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    English Extension II... 2007

    I'm doing a collection of short stories. I, uh, haven't started yet... the due date seems too far away to care about yet. I'm terribly lazy with things like this.