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  1. kanra3431

    High atar with only 10 units??

    Hi everyone, I’m a year 11 student starting year 12 this term. Currently, we’re only a week or so into our HSC subjects and many students are deciding which subjects to drop and how many units would be optimal. I go to a t10 selective where many of my peers aim for careers that require a high...
  2. kanra3431

    1 week til prelims and have not studied les go #swagyolo

    Sat on my bed for 6 hours today. My prelims start next week whoot
  3. kanra3431

    Y11 considering 4u maths

    it sounds like you're handling ext2 very well! I personally enjoy problem solving, which is what made me look towards 4u maths. Do you use the Cambridge books for ext1? They have these enrichment/extension problems that the book recommends to those looking to do 4u; I was wondering how those...
  4. kanra3431

    Y11 considering 4u maths

    Thank you for your response! I picked up chem on a whim after fluking it in y10, and it's now my favourite subject and I'm doing surprisingly well in it for missing 4 weeks of t1 content lol. From this, I believe that anything can happen from now to y12. Trialling 4u is a really good idea, as I...
  5. kanra3431

    Y11 considering 4u maths

    Yes I've read the pinned thread for y11s, but I still feel really indecisive. I'm a student at a selective school that's ranked quite well. In a few weeks, we will pick our subjects for y12. I've been thinking about taking up 4u for a long time as maths is one of my stronger subjects, but I...
  6. kanra3431

    #welcome #general-chat

    Whoops quoted too many times
  7. kanra3431

    #welcome #general-chat

    My school gave reports a couple of days ago, delayed bc of covid. Just thinking about my English and Phys marks makes me feel like crap lol and I’m really demotivated for both subjects. Ik this isn’t a huge deal but I’m really doubting my ability to improve in time for prelims.
  8. kanra3431

    I want to drop prelim Jap Continuers

    Hey everyone, I'm currently a y11 student taking 13 units. From my overall feel of the subject this year and my T1 assessment results, Jap continuers isn't working out for me. There's many issues I have with Jap this year, such as course content and some people in my class, which sucks because...