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  1. Fire_Hydra

    SO - How'd the 04-erz do??

    Hey everyone, So...How'd u all do? Is anyone else V happy with their marks?? i know i am!! ;D post ur brags and/or whines here!! In the official-unoffical-officalless EE2 marks thread!!! luv yaz Hydra.
  2. Fire_Hydra

    Titles are the new black...

    MW - Themes? So what themes are ppl exploring?
  3. Fire_Hydra

    ADHD - PIP help - Opinions? Sugestions? criticisms?

    Heya, I'm doing ADHD for my PIP and i've been told by some that it's overdone - what do u think? I'm investigating the dianosis and treatment of children compared to diagnosed.....what treatments available.....alternatives to usual treatments etc etc etc... i know...
  4. Fire_Hydra

    Gwen Harwood

    heya, To those doing Gwen Harwood, anyone with info - insight - opinion - weird first impressions/interpretations on Gwen Harwood's poems? what do ya think? so far our class has done The Glass Jar, Alter Ego and Prize Giving.... :cool:
  5. Fire_Hydra

    HELP! HELP! Proposal 4 poetry

    HELP! HELP! HELP! I have my proposal due in a couple of days and i'm stuck in a rutt i can't fill it out to 500 - which - i dare say is bad!! :chainsaw: i've got some templates but they're not helping much.... is there anyone who has done/is doing poetry that has a draft proposal i...
  6. Fire_Hydra

    Australian Core

    argh help! anyone got notes on Australian Core - Realism? or other? :confused: :read: much appreciated..
  7. Fire_Hydra

    Information: NIDA?

    Heya, Anyone with any information concerning NIDA acting workshops or NIDA in general that they could give me.....would be insanly helpful:D ! Spanks *Peace out*
  8. Fire_Hydra

    Major Work - Poetry Proposal

    Heya all, I'm doing Poetry for my Major Work. I've started my Proposal and I'm stuck - If anyone has a draft or templates regarding the proposal for poetry I would be very gr8ful. peace out.:cool: