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    Arts Subject Scaling

    Huge thankyou for the info guys. I'm feeling better about those marks now and a lot less stressed about the exam.
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    Arts Subject Scaling

    So i'm doing pretty terrible in one of my subjects (HSTY 1076, i know everyone says its easy) Anyway I got a 60 for one essay, 61 for the other. Since its an arts subject where i hear scaling is pretty bad, how likely am i to fail? Doomed? I know i should probs wait for the exam, but i would...
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    I think there's no minimum. It doesn't officially count towards your assessments, you just need to have done it or no more uni for you. One of my tutors said she would prefer if we got over 50 but in reality it didn't matter. Anyway it's all pretty self-explanatory so not hard to get a good mark.
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    Massive bookshop queue

    After signing up as a member at that table near the front they let you go straight in. Well they let me straight in at least. So if your not yet a member and want to skip lining up, do that.
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    r libraries open 24/7? + usefulness of gym

    Don't the libraries close at approx 10pm weeknights, 5pm weekends???
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    Clubs & Societies

    I joined: SASS Photography society Animal Welfare Society. I feel like i'm missing out compared to how much all you guys joined.
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    whose going alone to oweek?

    Same. Only 2 from my school. And i didn't bump into him yesterday.
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    what did everyone think of oweek?

    O-week was a bit meh imo. Lectures were boring and basic, clubs were interesting, freebies were good, access line was too long. Somebody should have told everyone there was another stand further in. Made a few new aquantinces, phone numbers exchanged and all. But really was overhyped by my...
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    The most nerve racking part about starting uni is..

    When i saw them they were along eastern ave near carslaw but they appeared to be on the move. Glorious? Haha I used it yesterday and it is clear to me there is a reason they want to get rid of them for free.
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    The most nerve racking part about starting uni is..

    No friends for a whole year? Sounds like my future. My mentor freaked me out by saying if you dont make friends early on, you probably wont make friends at all.
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    The most nerve racking part about starting uni is..

    Lol no, arts. If only i was smart enough to do dentistry. Free towel would've been more useful though, the tootbrush is a weird no water, no toothpaste and one use only.
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    whose going alone to oweek?

    Me. And i don't even know any 2nd year people.
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    The most nerve racking part about starting uni is..

    I went to mentoring yest. and i found meeting people was easy. But finding people you could talk to further than an introductory conversation, that seems to be incredibly hard. I seriously had nothing in common with the other people in my group. Plenty of awkward silences. By lunch break i...
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    timetable help plox

    Yeah, it will remain the allocated one.
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    timetable help plox

    If there is a way, i havent found it. Just re-do your customised times the exact same as you did and have it re-calculated. Should come up exact same or very similar, or at least it did for me. :D
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    Semester 1 Timetables (2010)

    I still havent got my timetable! Stupid family wont get off the cpu :mad: Does taking so long to get it gurantee i will get a crap one??
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    quick overloading question

    I tried choosing 6 subjects for sem 1 but got told i would die if i did. But other than dying nobody told me it wasn't allowed so it must be possible for some people.
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    Social Outcasts?

    In my observations outcasts always get crushes on the hottest girls/guys regardless of how ugly the outcast may be. So i would be complimented he had a crush on you haha. And that last part is hilarious!
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    Social Outcasts?

    Take my advice, social outcasts are best left as social outcasts. When i first changed schools there was this one guy always lonered, never talked, wore his pants really high, etc. and everyone i asked said he pulled out scissors and started chasing/threatening people in year 7 so nobody would...
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    I just got the letter. I'm in red too. And I'm still going to go to it..... even though i was hoping it wouldn't be so early haha.