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  1. mr_speedy

    who takes supplements?

    i think he means 30 grams of whey protein powder.
  2. mr_speedy

    Should I buy a TV tuner from Aldi?

    you can get an internal hdtv tuner on ebay for 120
  3. mr_speedy

    i need help badly

    theres heaps..... what about the ciggarette one on tv atm.
  4. mr_speedy

    i need help badly

    yeah and also what withoutwings said :D
  5. mr_speedy

    i need help badly

    wouldnt that be just talking about the 5 things -creating supportive enviroments, healthy public policy etc.... and using examples for them??? this shows how different aspects are contributing towards ones health.
  6. mr_speedy

    some1 school me on Centrum?!?

    pfft its just a multivitamin... nothing to worry about
  7. mr_speedy

    Semester 2 Results

    damn.... thought you were going to say results were just released!!!! got my hopes up for nothing..
  8. mr_speedy


    what times do u run for 100 and 200?
  9. mr_speedy

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    do u play rugby?
  10. mr_speedy

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    omg get out of this thread.
  11. mr_speedy

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    yeah they do have a sports psychologist, hes an american guy, i think rod macqueen bought him along, he came along to my clubs training once.
  12. mr_speedy

    The Best of RnB/Rap/Hip Hop for 2005

    his album should be called "im black"
  13. mr_speedy

    Foo Fighters vs. Greenday

    foo fighters easily
  14. mr_speedy

    Fck Gregan Sucks

    havent read through entire posts... but its funny how eddie said gregan has great leadership blah b;ah.... but in the england test he replaces him at the 55th minute, wehn would u think thats where his leadership is needed most?
  15. mr_speedy

    Science Students

    but if your not graduating next year... as in my case, ive only been doing three subjects per semester, ive got 1 & 1/2 years left, do i need to fill out this form?
  16. mr_speedy

    Science Students

    what is this form for?
  17. mr_speedy

    The Official NBA thread 2005/2006

    yeah definatley true. ive read phil jacksons book, it was about when they lost to detroit, they had so many internal problems with shaq, kobe, payton and malone, not to mention other guys. go the pistons...... big ben = defensive player of the year.. and to the person who said the nets...
  18. mr_speedy

    pe energy systems question help please

    well do you mean short-term as in after one training session..or after the 20 week program?
  19. mr_speedy

    lingerie/undies <3

    i like :D:D:D:D
  20. mr_speedy

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    where is mylk??