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    A few years ago i got a diary which was created by John Marsden, it was just a one year diary which was based on the Tomorrow series. It did however feature what i believe is known as the world's shortest poem (don't get cranky at me if i am wrong!) as follows the poem ... "Goldfish" Wet...
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    The Literary Acquisition Thread

    I have really been getting into Thomas Hardy at the moment, really good author, very descriptive althought Tess of the d'Urbervilles is quite depressive. If you want a classic that is good and well written but not too heavy try "Far from the Madding Crowd". I am feeling really pleased with...
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    Access points?

    EAS stands for Educational Access Scheme, so yes
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    Access points?

    I applied earlier in the year for Access points and was eligible for them. Do many people get into courses at MQ with them? I am interested in studying Arts/laws but only got a UAI of 90.25, do i have any chance at all of getting in with my 5 points? Or will it be just Arts for me?
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    Law @ Macq

    The impresion that i have always been given of the Law at USYD or Law at MQ, is that you go to Syd to get the traditional rote learning degree and where you go to meet contacts for your further career, MQ being a younger uni is generally more inovative and likely to look at newer trends, it is...
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    LEAST favourite book?

    Obviously none of you were forced to read The Red Badge of Courage! It is the worst book of the millennium, our english teacher made us read it in about year 8-9, it was the worst book EVER! Only about 2 or 3 people in the class actually bothered to read after the second chapter. If you ever...
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    school texts

    I thought that Emma was really boring for the first few chapters but then i sort of worked out where the humour was comming from and then i started to love the book, although if you want to read Austen Pride and Prejudice is better, the action is a lot faster and she really builds up some good...
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    Horror Books

    Victor Kelher did an adaptation of Dracula (Bram Stoker) ... good book, worth reading, it is not usually found in the kids section I loved fear street, good books, a fast reader can get through one in about an hour
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    Your favourite book!

    I really liked "chinese cinderella". and i loved "The Hours", i read it after watching the movie and thought it was fantastic, reading it made the movie even better. Is it really true ... Isobelle Carmody is finally going to finish the Obernewtyn series!?!?!? But the best series of all is...
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    The only problem with Isobelle Carmody is that she never bloody finishes her books! I really like Raymond E. Feist, the "Daughter of the Empire" series that he did with Janny Wurts is really good, i am re-reading it at the moment. Another series that is quite good is by Tracy Harding, she...
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    the ellie chronicles- sequel to the tomorrow series

    I bought the book on friday and finished it in no time, i thought it was fantastic, just the thing i needed after months of study, now i want to go back to the first book and read through them all again, i could not put the book down and was still reading at half past 12 at night! The tension...
  12. K

    last exam... GOODLUCK EVERYONE!!

    I have spent the last three days working pretty solidly and i want to do a last few hours of cramming but every time i look at a page i realise that there is soo much i don't know and i can hardly even remember a quote, though i know that i will remember them once i get in there ... what can i do?
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    Windshuttle query

    I did get a little mixed up but i didn't pull the numbers out of thin air, i checked it out and 20 000 is the number proposed by Henry Reynolds as the number of deaths during the colonialisation, 120 is the number that Windschuttle sticks to because he strongly believes that the archinves has an...
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    Is there anyone doing Tacitus? (section 2)

    Hi I was wondering if there were any people studying the Tacitus case study and which dot points you were focusing on? I have studied the Notion of the Principate and Characterisation but i can't pick which one to write about in the exam if we only have to do one of them.
  15. K


    From the markers notes from last year it would seem that it is important to know historians, so i would suggest that you introduce the historians and then talk about their various perspectives. Just write in a way that makes you feel comfortable, so long as you mention names and seem to know...
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    Windshuttle query

    Back in the old days Windschuttle was a strong Marxist, leaning quite strongly towards the left, but it is important to note that he is NO LONGER marxist (communist), he has within the last few years done a complete turn around and become feverently conservative, his recent works are what you...
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    Any exam candidates are from Open High School?

    I did spanish through open high school and i wouldn't recomend it to anyone, i ended up having 3 teachers over the 2 year period, didn't actually learn anything i didn't already know and it would take up to 6 weeks for my work to come back to me (for which i would be blamed when my work wasn't...
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    Gender people creative

    I thought that the first question was great but i really didn't like the creative question, it seemed to be more about gender roles than gendered language ... what did you guys think?
  19. K

    NEED HELP with Gendered Language

    read the first couple of chapters in Tannen, that is where she describes most of the fundamental parts of gendered language, the preface is a good thing to read a few times just to work out where she is comming from, don't worry too much about it just find a few strong points from Tannen and use...
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    Calling the 'Gendered Language' Few

    Why does everyone seem to think this course is a feminist course??? Just because the book was written by a woman and it discusses the differences in language between men and women doesn't mean you have to be a bra-burning, dominatrix luvin power chick to read the book. If the exemplar answer...