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    Looking for a football/soccer club

    real madrid
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    Restaurants near Sacramento???

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    The status of Real Madrid.

    +1 lass wasn't playing .. hence these things happen
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    The Football Thread

    re: The Official Football Thread fuking cheslea cost me my multi bet wigan suks
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    The status of Real Madrid.

    lass is carrying that team
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    yeha good movie not as good as walle but better then monsters inc , toy story , cars and finding nemo imo
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    WWE Wrestling

    steiner screwdriver
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    The Football Thread

    re: The Official Football Thread Live Bundesliga on ONE HD tonight random
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    Fantasy Premier League 09/10

    Yes official PL is best
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    Football - Summer Transfers

    If berbatovs starting most games this season... then chelsea will win the league .. no reading to score 4 goals against anymore
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    Any exams in Social Sciences?

    im guessing open book
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    Football - Summer Transfers

    ibrahimovic is overated eto alone >>>> ibrahimovic dunno y they are paying 30 million+eto + hleb on loan for ibrahimovic btw berbatov is rubbish
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    The Football Thread

    re: The Official Football Thread man milan suck ... getting beaten in the world football challenge against an ordinary team .. club america.. btw berbatov is shit
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    Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

    ordinary movie nostalgia couldnt save me from this film
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    Football - Summer Transfers

    owen hahaah thatll be good, like to see that shit
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    How many Up and Go drinks do you have a week?

    fuk yas strawberry rules
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    ronaldinho is washed up
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    Football - Summer Transfers

  19. N

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    fuk this shit better not be cancelled