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    Does God exist?

    Karma exists so why not God
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    received early offer from UWS what to do

    reject it obviously ...
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    Most Common & Random Forms of Procrastination (2012)

    masturbating is a procrastination issue for me because I last so long :D
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    Anybody wanna make bets on paper 1 Theme?

    belonging to Centrelink edit: could be belonging to the text or some crap like that
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    How much can you write in 40 minutes???

    I only had to write my name and the marker knew to give it a 20, I'm kinda like Chuck Norris , except I'm not a hairy ginger
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    Naughty 2012ers!

    lol stupid reporters no wonder they studied journalism :D :D :D
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    we have that fear every year, it won't happen
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    should've gone tutoring lol
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    don't understand why people go all out a day or two before the exam, just like I don't understand the criticism of UWS putting their med interviews a day before the chem exam
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    mate you had the entire year ...
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    people doing duh ayshunn six pack got a good timetable this year , or does that happen every year?
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    guys just relax go swimming tomorrow, don't study, sleep well, eat properly
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    I'm not shitting bricks ... but then again, I did finish my HSC last year. :D
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    Transferring into Medicine...yes, another one...:)

    no you were obviously making the point that you think some universities (or should I say med schools) are better than others. Anyway good luck getting into med school, your temperament puts you miles ahead mate...
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    Transferring into Medicine...yes, another one...:)

    Now we know for sure that you're talking out your arse, do you know how wrong you are? I mean think about it, if you were right it would mean that there are 100 or so students every year who do well in year 12 results, UMAT, interview, obviously bright minded kids, yet they ALL failed to do any...
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    Transferring into Medicine...yes, another one...:)

    hmm.. you know what, I have to agree with SunnyScience. If we're just talking about USYD, UNSW and UWS then there's no legitimate reason to reject UWS if it's the only offer you get. Seriously, if you really want to do med in Sydney you'll take whatever's offered to you (if you get a UWA offer I...
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    What is B Science like? Should I do B Science?

    B Science is like...30 contact hrs per week or something crazy like that and scientists don't even get paid a lot for their labour... be prepared to live in an apartment with your shorter/taller friend, and to have an engineer of some sort + his foreigner scientist friend at your place...
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    Trial HSC - stressed or not?

    thinking back to mine (lol I'm so bored), I was only stressed about English..3u/4u/phys/chem you guys should have been doing past papers for at least a month now right? English is a bitch though I agree, all that memorisation and shit