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    Advanced Unit Enrollment

    I'm Enrolled in... 1st Semester Math 1902 Linear Algebra (Adv) Math 1901 Differntial Calculus (Adv) Phys 1901 Physics 1A (Adv) Info 1903 Foundations of Information Technology Soft 1001 Software Development 1 2nd Semester Math 1903 Integral Calculus and...
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    Which Option for You?

    That was perhaps the easiest Quanta to Quarks I have ever seen. Certainly easier than the core Even the 7 mark wasn't too bad. I went to town and wrote about 5 pages as I had so much time left over.
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    If you are in year 11, read this first.

    You should talk to your teacher. They should be able to tell you if you are capable or not. If you plan on doing 4 unit you will need to start doing quite a bit of work.
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    Favourite band(s)

    In no particular order: Guns and Roses Neil Young/ Crazy Horse Pink Floyd The Rolling Stones Stevie Ray Vaughan
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    The Greatest Book Ever Written

    I agree with that. He should have just kept with the Pitt novels or stopped while he was ahead The later books seem to be getting much worse in that regard. He's turned into a dirty old man
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    The Greatest Book Ever Written

    I also like the various Shannara series. First bokk seems a lot like LOTR, but they move on to explore the consequences of using the magic. Also they have some political intrigue and good depth to the stories.
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    The Greatest Book Ever Written

    Wilbur Smith books are great so are the Clive Cussler novels, esp Dirk Pitt's adventures.
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    Ag People

    12 people in my class. I chose it cause it seemed easy at the time
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    hrm, a few questions

    Henry Kendal and Gosford High share an Ag 'farm'. Both generally only have small senoir classes though. Ag is compulsory for yrs 7 & 8 at Gosford
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    what was the hardest question in your trial?

    I thought it was fairly easy too. Maybe something went horribly wrong though..
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    Creative Writing

    You should be able to just prepare one good story and adapt it to the question. Narratives can easily be changed to feature articles, letters etc.
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    Year 12 2005 - Which Focus?

    Physical : Skryznecki
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    should english be compsory

    I am doing well in English but I don't think it shouldbe compulsory. Basically, everything in the syllabus is drivel. There really isn't anything that will help after school unless you plan on doing a uni course. There is also the fact that most of the stuff we derive from the text probably...
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    If you are in year 11, read this first.

    That's Bull. The person who has tutoring in my class is third from the bottom.
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    hardest 4u topic

    Physics doesn't really help
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    hardest 4u topic

    Harder 3u Not much you can do but memorize questions
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    Red Dwarf

    Let's hear it for Foxtel