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    Questions from a 2012 ANU hopeful...

    Can't help with the other bits, but you do 24 units / semester, which is normally 4 x 6 unit courses, so 8 courses per year. A double degree just means you do an extra year, and have less electives, so you only do the core subjects for each degree, but you still do the same number of courses as...
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    ATAR for PhB @ ANU

    Also bear in mind that almost any course can be transferred into if you don't make the cutoff. If your ATAR is close-ish, and you achieve high marks in your first semester/year, you can definitely transfer to the PhB... Getting high ATARs is definitely individual - I did my assignments and...
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    Foreing prospective stu interested in ANU and Canberra

    Canberra is what you make of it. If you don't get out and meet people, I'm sure you'll find it dull, but it's a great place, and I'm enjoying my PhD here. I imagine what you think of the people will be determined by those you end up working with, and those you meet around the place, but there...
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    Query: Overloading advice for Actuarial Studies

    I don't see a reason why you would have to overload, but if you're getting good marks they'll probably let you overload. I know an engineering student who was allowed to overload in both semesters of second year simply for interests sake (and thus finished the degree with extra units). If...
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    Is it impossible to live in Sydney and got to ANU?

    It's actually from primary school, and doesn't have any kind of French or backgammon connection. If you only had to travel ~3hrs each way once or twice a week, it could be done, but it'd suck...
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    Is it impossible to live in Sydney and got to ANU?

    I know someone who lives in Wagga (2.5hrs) and goes to ANU, but they have all their classes over 2 days, and so just crashes at a mates place in Canberra one night a week. If you're doing science, don't even think about it.
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    What electives do you want to take?

    You can change your subjects for up to 2 weeks into semester very easily, especially when classes haven't even started yet. Just enrol and change if need be...
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    NO accommodation

    ANU students today got this email: Dear ANU student, The Students' Association has been asked to contact you by the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students), Professor Elizabeth Deane. I am writing to ask for your help to provide accommodation for new ANU students. We need to know if you have a...
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    Summer Scholarships

    I did a summer scholarship a couple of years ago in chemistry, and I think they're fairly easy to obtain, to the point that as long as you're obviously doing ok you're very unlikely not to get one. Definitely with a D average you should have no troubles at all (especially if you've got referees...
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    URGENT - Help Needed!

    I can't really help with your choice, but in terms of scholarships- I don't think you'll find out before Jan 11th, and I think you're only notified if you're given the scholarship. Regional scholarships are pretty much given out one per region to the highest ATAR for that region- so if you...
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    First year maths

    MATH1115/1116 is hard, but if you've done math ext 2 you should be OK. Just don't panic with linear algebra, only the ACT maths people have done it. You can also drop back to 1013/1014 within the first few weeks of semester, or after you've completed MATH1115. To be honest, if you aren't...
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    ANU's Bachelor of Engineering

    I don't know about how its regarded, but I get the impression from the people studying it that it's not that great. UoW seems much better (but maybe different majors??).
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    Canberra law - driving without a valid licence?

    Its much better to change over to an ACT licence. It costs a little, but then you don't have to do any more tests, when your P's run out they just send you a renewal notice to come and get your full licence (as opposed to ANOTHER test, that's after you've had to do a test to get green P's), and...
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    Centrelink and Honours year?

    Yeah, I'm doing honours this year and I'm getting Centrelink, its just undergraduate study to them. If you get any scholarships that can affect it, so you have to let them know, but that's about all.
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    Bachelor of Science - Majors

    When I did first year there were 2 text books for chem, neither of them were compulsory. I don't think I opened either of them all year except when I missed a lecture, and they're in the library. I think they might be different books now, judge for yourself if you need them. You just need a...
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    Bachelor of Science - Majors

    I'm currently doing honours in chemistry, with a double major. The chemistry courses, especially first year, will be more or less the same next year, and most others will be too. The studyat website will probably get updated to next years courses before too long. I've never really found the...
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    Bachelor of Science - Majors

    I think the only limit to doing majors is how many you can fit in! I know somebody who has 3 majors, so it is do-able. I don't know if all three majors will go on your transcript though, its possible only 2 can be put down.
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    Showers on Campus?

    There's showers in the toilets on the ground floor of the chem building...
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    When are marks released?

    They're all released at once, which is supposed to be 12 midday on the 6th July. They are often released early, either a few hours or the day before, but not always. It gets really slow and hard to access if they don't do it early, although hopefully new ISIS will prevent it...
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    PhB/BSc at ANU question

    I had a UAI of 98, and didn't even apply for the PhB. However, my marks in first semester were good enough that I got offered into the program, which I accepted. It was good having a semester where I just worked as hard as I wanted to be happy with how I did and not have to worry about the HD...