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    league of legends more like lEAGUE OF LOSERS

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    DET filtering circumvention!

    You must have typed your username and password wrong into Tor
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    Who loves watching korean dramas?

    Don't think you can understand ours well either
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    The Official Table Tennis Thread

    Actually it's only hard to get on A team, but I manage my training as well as school work and I'm in the state team =) I suggest more people to try out and enter the NSW competitions...
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    Your top 10 ultimate favourite books

    Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
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    Assesment worth 5%

    *assessment Fix your spelling first.
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    Maths Topic Test Notification

    Topic tests usually count towards a small percentage of your class mark, which in turn is part of your overall assessment mark. So it does count, but not much.
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    The Official Table Tennis Thread

    Anyone planning to try out for the NSW State team?