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  1. sideshowtim

    Elective Question

    i'm doing a ba and i've enrolled for the core, major and submajor units. having trouble with electives though. with the elective do we have to choose something outside our key program or can the elective be inside the key program? it's really confusing me. for example, i think i want to choose...
  2. sideshowtim

    Late Round Offers

    if i accepted my main round offer as something to fall back on, will i still be as eligible for a late round offer as anyone else? i ask this because i have changed my mind and wish to do the course that i NOW have first on my preference list. the uac site said there are vacancies still...
  3. sideshowtim

    help please

    okay i need some help here. my number 1 preference was a BA at sydney uni, now i got this, but a recent family event has caused me to not want to go here anymore. i wish to go to UWS and do a BA however i was just offered a place in BA at sydney uni. i just changed my preferences so that UWS...
  4. sideshowtim

    The Stress is Overrated

    seriously. when i came into the hsc i thought this was going to be the most stressful time of my life. it's been quite enjoyable for me actually. i keep hearing about how this is the hardest time of your life but over the last few weeks i've learnt alot, done pretty well in my exams and i'm...