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    Atar Estimate for Friend

    English is really pulling him down, so I'd make an assumption of around ~85
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    atar estimate(s)

    I think #1 would get like say 78-ish and #2 81-ish
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    Does having a bad rank ultimately enable you to not get that great of an atar? because my ranks are pretty bad :(
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    CSSA Business Studies

    I did ok, expecting over 85. The report also stumped me
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    New Syllabus Business Textbook reviews

    Thank you for the great input!
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    OMG just wasted my WHOLE holidays

    Is prelims really nothing? I know marks don't count though I think about it this way. You don't expect a person to do gymnastics unless they've done the prior work before, even though that practice didn't count for anything.
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    OMG just wasted my WHOLE holidays

    Although as everybody has said Preliminary does not count for much, it's probably good to develop good habits during this time rather than just stack it on once the HSC comes. I'm not saying that you should of studied 4 hours a day though it would of been nice to dedicate at least an hour to...
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    New Syllabus Business Textbook reviews

    Thanks for the input, updated!
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    OMG just wasted my WHOLE holidays

    Well, have you found out why you procrastinate so much?
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    OMG just wasted my WHOLE holidays

    Well, are you expecting sympathy or..
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    Can I get an ATAR of 90?

    Re: OKAY GUYS I NEED TO KNOW CAN I GET AN ATAR AROUND 90 IF I MANAGE What rank is your school/how are you performing in terms of ranks?
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    I wouldn't recommend tutoring for Social Science subjects, since it simply is not needed unless you need to refine your essay writing skills, and even that can be done on this site with the help of some members.
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    New Syllabus Business Textbook reviews

    Preliminary Business Studies textbooks HSC Business Studies textbooks Name of your textbook: HSC Business Studies - Getting Better Results 3rd Edition Advantages of it: The textbook is clear, concise, and explains most concepts well. Easy to comprehend. Gives various case studies and...
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    New Syllabus Business Textbook reviews

    Hello people, Nope here. I thought, since the new syllabus has been released and not many people, even Business Studies teachers, know too much about the quality of textbooks. This is where we as a community help out. If you have time, please fill out this template with the textbook you are...
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    Using multiple textbooks?

    Well, even in Social Science textbooks I like having 2 since you could see the different ways the information is expressed, and it might give you more points for your work.