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    Musicology Viva Voce

    I just did a performance last term and it screwed me up, the piece was extremely difficult. That said, i'm still doing at least 2 performances for the HSC but i would like to do 2 viva's, i have one to do now and am pretty nervous as to how it's going to go, dont know where to start, what to...
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    did anyone struggle with owen?

    i just started wilfred owen too, i finish HSC in 2010 as well, it's common for wilfred owen to be done at beginning now as it gets it out of the way, and my english teacher wants to get iot out of the way so we can practice essay writing and linking questions to texts as this is where the marks are.
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    ...speech Writing...

    I think by 'creative' she is just trying to see what you can write about what you know. When you've got a speech to do, the aim of it isn't just to answer the question, anybody can get given a question and answer it. The main points for having a good speech is to analyse the information you know...
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    Band 6 in Standard English?

    Ok what all you guys know is what you've heard from other people of what they think of it. In reality, nobody would know how you will scale in the HSC because every year is different. The only you can assure your rank will be around what you expect is to give all you have in your assessments...