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    Gas-liquid and HP Liquid Chromatography

    So, value refers to the significance of its existence. So both techniques allow a mixture to be separated into it components. This has had a large impact on forensic investigations etc. You might also like to go into the individual strengths of the two different techniques, for example GC is...
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    UMAT 2009 - Discussion and Help

    Tru some people are naturally talented at lateral thinking and dont need to practice. But dont you want to find out if you are one of those people before the test day? I strongly recommend F2F, i am from coffs and a group of us flew them up for private tuition, it was fantastic. I am NOT one...
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    JMP - Newcastle interviews

    I just got mine, dont remember what my umat was but it was quite shitty. i got UNSW and JMP but not UWS, i think i was in the 80th percentile. My friends was in the 89th and he did not get UWS either, how good do they want? good luck to everyone else waiting for the snail mail.
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    Section II : Short Answer

    I did not mind the short answer, i thought the focus on globalisation was gay. Mainly because i could have written an essay for a like 3 marker. I hated the essays, and was not to fussed on muli choice.
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    Umat Results!

    those scores are really good? i don't get why you did not get an interview to unsw? my umat was rather shitty and i got one. i also heard that UNE offers come out before the end of november.
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    Extended Response PLZ ANSWER

    Go by the syllabus, only use what is happening now as an example and when it is relevant. You could also use the previous inflation conditions as an example if it was applicable to what u were discussing.
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    ITT: An overwhelming air of panic.

    Sweet for inflation, case study, exchange rates, anything involving the CAD and i am screwed
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    The Easiest 2 Unit Math Paper Ever!! - 2008

    I thought that it was really good... easiest ever??? nope, try 1990/91.
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    How far below the x-axis is the beam when x=0?

    Hey that is what i got. What did you think about the rest of the exam. I thought it was good
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    Formula sheet?

    haha i made my own, he does not have one i already asked. if u want mine then email me
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    Formula sheet?

    Hey does anyone have a formula sheet for eco or a list that they think i should know? thanks
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    coffs 08 anyone?

    Hey, I live in Coffs (Saph), agreeing with the fact that tormina and woopi are fine!!! NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Also... Coffs is slightly dull, as in planto, coffss hotel and coast are the only places worth going. But our beaches are sweet as.
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    Essay Predictions - HSC 2008

    Wanna speculate- HSC exam So the HSC exam is written early in 2008, i was thinking that would help indicate the possible essay questions. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what they could be and why?
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    20/20 essays

    Our teacher is way harsh, he beats it into our class that it has to be logically structured, to the point (direct) and full of stats. That aside, i got 19/20 and 18/20 in the trial, and i think that the thing that gets the marks is the contemporary, up to date information. Basically showing...