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    Radiography text for sale!!!

    Hi guz i have an awesome text called Radiology 101 it contains a lot of images of the types xray images you will encounter and the basics in understanding in how to intepret what you are looking at. I'm selling it for $60 it usually goes for a whole lot more. Its a first year text ideal for...
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    Truth about CUMBERLAND!!

    there is nothing fun there, probably a good thing that rad therapy is going to be a post grad thing. There are a lot of problems with MRS degrees and not to mention an unpleasant environment to work in. If you want to know more PM me. It sounds like a good job but it's all bullsh**
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    That's interesting but does not suprise me at all and no big loss to be honest. Are they considering doing the same for Nuclear medicine?
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    Accused of cheating during trials

    that's harsh , i know at uni they're quite strict but for a trial that's just crap. I mean if you had stuff written all over then i would understand but for one thing that's rubbish.
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    How hard is it to get HD for first years?

    coming from years of experience at uni, HD's are pretty hard to get and generally speaking uni exams are challenging and are deliberately done so. Simple concepts that you know of are intentionally made harder to recognise in exams , so they really test how well you know your stuff. Though...
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    anthropology or sociology?

    Hi guyz i'm thinking of taking one as a major @ usyd, but i'm not sure which to choose? Any advice or tips would be most appreciated.If you have any lecture notes that would be great also. Thx
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    Would you allow your Boyfriend to crap on you?

    sounds like he needs therapy urgently
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    differences between sociology & anthropology?

    Hi everyone i need to know what are the differences in the courses, sociology & anthropology studied @ usyd as i'm not sure which one to take as a major? or even better could someone tell me where the second year lectures are held at in usyd?
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    Truth about CUMBERLAND!!

    Of course it's the best when it's coming from a rep. It's probably one of the worst campuses i've been to. The most unorganised and pathetic lecturers around. There's crap all there and not to mention in the middle of nowhere.
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    lecture notes in anthropology?

    Hi everyone does anyone have any lec notes in anthro? I'd like to know if this course is for me? it would be much appreciated
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    Hi i'm thinking of taking anthropology as a major can someone tell me more about the course . Is it interesting ?
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    Lying about being straight

    I don't think you can change who you are. My best advice is to approach someone you can confide in , it would also be good to contact a gay group for support. I'm pretty sure you can find one on the net. The more you hide the more your dad will work out whats going on. He'll have to accept that...