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    All Done

    Rok n Roll Glad its over, it was ok for me, the 15 markers i didnt mind, but definitly a shock, never done before, but hey, thats BOS for ya. Went out last nite, am goin out tonite too, just have a good time guys, its in the hands of the UAI Gods now, no point frettin over it. Peace Big...
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    PE Summaries

    Has Everyone got theirs up to date? What options are you all doing? How did you go in trials? What are the harder parts of the cores do you think?:mad:
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    The DayIs Coming...... Happy Anarchy all :chainsaw: What can i say? We Yr12 2002 are about to inflict happy anarchy on all, and well, id just like to wish everyone good luck in ur endeavours, hehe. And not getting caught. Ive compiled alist of the best ideas in this thread, so if anyone...
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    This thread is to discuss anything relevant to muckup day/week. For example ideas, photos etc Hey Guys. Now is the time to start thining about that one day in our school lives where we get to run absolute riot. Anyone with any genius ideas or stuff they have seen done b4, could u please...
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    trust me!

    i hear ya Know exactly wat ur sayin. readin abut how well ppl do is bigtime depressing. Owell, i just tell myself theyre all lying! LOL works for me anyway! NORTY....