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    Damn! no mega cities////Cut offs?

    Pretty sure i stuffed up my essays coz i just forgot everything. Yeah, it was weird there was no megacities. I reckon it will probs be around 87 cut off for band 6
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    Multiple Choice

    D, D, A, C, C, A, D, B, B, B, D, B (kinda guessed this one because I knew it wasn't topographic and Precis is of land use, not ownership), A, A, B, A, B, D and for the final two i put A and C but I have issues with the graph. I wasnt sure how to do it and so i tried to work it out. I looked it...
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    Geography HSC - Question 20 mutliple choice

    I have looked up how do to the graph and by what I am being told, there is no actual way you can get the answer. Am I missing something or has board of studies stuffed up?
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    Who thinks that the 2011 cohort is the 'experiment year'?

    With the 2U Math though.. its not like you can really make many changes to that. Besides that though, the exams haven't been to out of the ordinary. Bio wasn't and English was extremely straight forward