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    Woukd you recommend 2-3 or 1-4 (units)?

    I would do whatever the fuck I wanted, to be perfectly honest.
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    transfering degrees after session 3, possible?

    You don't need to be in the degree to do the subjects in them (as long as you satisfy the pre-reqs). So what I would suggest would be first download the guide you need for your methodology of teaching (you don't mention whether you're looking to do primary or secondary). See what subjects are...
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    Has anyone here done...?

    So I hear you like politics...
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    Easy 100 level units.

    Can I ask why? What's the point in doing something that will basically amount to paying for learning nothing? It just seems odd to do something like this
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    Student Representative

    Hahaha Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Student Representative

    Here I'll help you with your promises: increase parking, lower costs, free the refugees, stop the boats, something else beyond your control.
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    Student Representative

    People are going to hate you, I can feel it already.
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    Uni q plz reply

    Waste of time lol
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    Mq Levels?

    For the extended version: While that's the common understanding, it must be stated that they are simply saying that 100 level subjects cover more basic and foundational concepts, 200 level builds upon 100 level subjects, and 300 builds on that, and so forth. The problem with calling them...
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    Macquarie is so easy!!!

    I'm going to enjoy watching you crash and burn
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    New to MQ? Get a Mentor

    Seriously, if you are new to university, have questions and are looking for someone to ask, you should make sure you elect to get a Mentor. You will be automatically allocated one when you nominate to attend an Orientation Session or if you have already elected not to, visit their website here...
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    Macquarie Uni Enrollment Question??

    I highly recommend getting a Mentor, check your email if you've received a message from one
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    Pro's and Cons of Macquiare

    In a couple of years, look back upon this post and remember how positive, enthusiastic and innocent this all seems, for you will become jaded and want nothing more than to break free of this place.
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    How to become a tutor at Mq?

    No it's not, and it's not meant to be 'for everyone', you're rewarded for delivering something beyond the norm. If you're doing a PhD you will be more likely to be asked to tutor, however, if you're a shit student, you're not going to be asked to tutor regardless.
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    External Transfer

    You'd want as high as possible
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    Mq open day

    I'm too old for this shit
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    Past PICT102 students

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    Not liking Ling110

    http://www.student.mq.edu.au/enrol/current/datesInfo.html You've got till the end of this week to enrol into another unit, so I'd make the decision quick
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    Guys can anyone recommend me an extremely easy people unit?

    Step 1: Unenrol from all your units. Step 2: Re-apply for Year 12.