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    Tips and advice on how to memorize notes better

    My best tip is to use your SENSES - try and stimulate your eyes, ears, mouth, and also engage your body. When I was memorising English Advanced essays, I would: - Record myself saying the essay out loud; listening to your own intonations make your essay sound more rhythmic and so it's much...
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    Tips and advice on how to memorize notes better

    - understand logical flow; UNDERSTANDING > BRAINWASHING - use active recall + spaced repetition with Anki, or some other form of flashcard. Just straight reading is NOT helpful because it's not jogging your memory and testing how much you know about a topic. - lots of practice questions and...
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    Hi everyone! Forgot to mention - instagram is chaevely_park, or you can just message me here :).
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    How do i my improve clarity of writing?

    CAUSE AND EFFECT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!! A cause and effect thesis and topic sentences literally make your life so much easier. All you have to do is establish the cause, then prove the effect - this will make your idea progression super clear. If you have 3-4 pieces of analysis per para (which...
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    Tips and advice for revising for english advanced (HSC Level)

    As a 96/100 English Adv scorer, I would also like to add: For essays: - Read and UNDERSTAND your texts - author's aim, messages, context, form and features, etc. THIS is what is going to get you good quality, A-range pieces of work. - Understand bigger techniques than just smaller ones in...
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    How does Private Tutoring Work?

    Hi! When I was receiving private tutoring, I did it online. I'm also someone who is organised and has a clear understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses, and so I was the one who mostly asked to complete certain tasks with my tutor, e.g. mark a certain essay, explain ___, analyse ___...
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    Can someone give me motivation to get through English Advanced?

    English is what will make or break your ATAR, and also, your chance to get into your dream course. Suffering in English <<< Rejection from dream course
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    where to find short answer q's w/answers? (for practice)

    from my knowledge, the only ones with answers are CSSA or NEAP - i can't remember which, it may be both? but usually, short answers don't come with sample responses, just marking criteria!
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    🌟 96 English Adv I JRAHS English Rank 10 I 3210 UCAT I HSC All Rounder I 99.25 ATAR I James Ruse Class of 2022 🌟 ENGLISH ADV/ UCAT/ MEDICAL INTERVIEW Tutor 🌟 English Adv Year 12 Rank 10 🌟 3210 UCAT (98th%) 🌟 10 Medical Interview Offers 🌟 How I smashed my interviews to land multiple medical and...
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    is UNSW physiotherapy good?

    I went to UNSW Open Day and sat in the information session on this degree. The professor said 99 ATAR is their prediction :)
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    BIO scaling?

    i'm just hoping scaling this year is better !! especially maths and chem imo were much harder than past papers, so hopefully that helps :) good luck!
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    HSC marks

    apparently the marks in the leak were all correct... idk how to feel about that
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    BIO scaling?

    I thought I did well in the biology exam, but I got ~3-5 marks lower than I thought... maybe it was because it didn't test a lot of knowledge? The whole exam really took me by surprise, because there was barely any content tested.
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    do prelims mean anything in terms of the hsc

    I would advise you to not stress out too much about the prelims - the ranks should be scraped clean at the end of Year 11, so Year 12 is basically a fresh start. But with that being said, still try your best - prelims is THE TIME to really understand and address your weaknesses, whether it be...
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    If you aren't ranked internally first but you get the highest raw HSC mark, will you be scaled less than the person in first?

    Does this mean that if you bomb/underperform in your internal exams (my 4U maths trials !!! very sad), that you can "recover" and get a Band 6 in the end? I thought that the HSC marks were allocated from highest to lowest according to your internal ranks?
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    Year 11 marks for early entry?

    Hey! Do you know if this ATAR estimate (they call this their ANU Selection Rank) is accurate? Mine was based on my Year 11 results, and I was expecting a low SR but they gave me quite a high one, so I'm confused as to how they calculate it. Thanks!
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    Module C reflection!

    Even though nothing is compulsory, I think that you should be definitely quoting from the prescribed texts you are referencing - the quotes don't have to be long! I think by quoting, it's easier to show the direct adoption of a certain technique into your work - e.g. the motif of water in Nam...
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    Module C - How should I approach an imaginative task?

    Hi everyone! I am currently struggling with writing a practice imaginative, and so I was hoping you could give me some advice :) Here are my questions: 1. How should I approach an imaginative task from the very start? If I haven't written anything/looking to rewrite my imaginative, should I...
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    HELP with UCAT booking!!

    Hi BOS users! Since the UCAT booking is coming up quite soon, I wanted to know: When is the best/optimal time to sit the UCAT? When do you recommend I sit the UCAT? How to effectively prepare for the UCAT from now till the exam? (I have moved onto timed practices for all, have done a couple...