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    Marks and Atars of people who did General Mathematics?

    General mathematics is actually the easiest subject I did. Just understand the formulas and its a guaranteed Band 5. I got a raw mark of 85 (Which was lower than I expected as I did all past papers with marks of 88+). The raw mark of 85 gave me a HSC mark of 93. My ATAR was 83.70 with general...
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    Extremely Worried.

    Hahaha my Geography class was exactly how you explained it. It was a class of 8 boys, and these 8 boys are possibly to worst 8 people you could have in one class. We were disruptive, loud, rude and just extremely stupid. Our geography class was known among the year as the class of dropkicks...
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    Raw Marks Thread

    Yup same. I expected a raw mark of atleast 88-95 in this test, but I guess I must of done a few silly mistakes. I did all past papers and always managed to get 89+... So I'm a bit disappointed, but oh well.
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    Raw Marks Thread

    Raw mark for General Mathematics Raw Examination Mark: 85 --------> 93
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    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    B Business UTS! WOOO
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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    83.70 ! Very happy... Exceeded all my expectations and aims... over the moon... UTS Business here I come.
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    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    haha do I know you? =S
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    HSC Marks all nighter thread

    Getting nervous now... =O its the calm before the storm.
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    HSC Marks all nighter thread

    Do the result online (via computer) come out at 6am or 8am? I know that SMS get sent at 6, but how about via computers?
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    WoW! Its been 2 long years since I last played it....
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    Jap vs Euro Cars

    German = Class/Prestige Japanese = Performance /thread
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    Pete1555 - Atar Estimate (3)

    Hey all, This will be my final atar estimate of all time!! Haha. Well here are my ranks according to the boardofstudies... School Rank: 120-130 Internal Ranks Standard English: 7/25 General Mathematics: 2/24 Business Studies: 6/24 Geography: 1/8 Information Processes and Technology: 2/4...
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    The exam was good. I was really nervous about the exam, but all went good. I expect a raw mark of around 70-85. I really thought Section 1 was quite difficult and time-consuming as it took mye about 50 mins to complete. I usually find geography skills one of the easiest part of the exams but it...
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    General thoughts

    I don't think it stated that you needed to say the overall time it takes. It just said Create a Gantt chart showing the min time required to complete the above takes.
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    HSC Geography 2013 Predictions

    Does anyone know the band 5 cut off for geography. From the raw mark database it states... in 2011: Raw Mark: 84 ~> 91 Raw Mark: 88 ~> 94 Raw Mark: 94 ~> 97
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    HSC Geography 2013 Predictions

    Is anyone confident for this test?
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    Multiple choice ipt 2013

    Haha, I'm hoping it is a Star network as thats what I put, but my teacher says otherwise... But my teacher knows what hes talking about, but i don't know. I guess we will have to wait till the sample answers come out next year :P
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    Band 5/6 cut-off?

    83-84, I think it was very similar in difficulty to previous years.