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    2024 HSC Chat

    yeah same
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    Anyone felt hard stuck at a certain mark?

    Started past papers for AT1 and done about 4-5 of them now. even the easier papers I seem to just be hard mark stuck at 70-75% 😭 Anyone have any tips to improve up to a higher percentage like 80-90%+?
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    how are you doing

    Studying my ass off because brain small
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    help with subject goals :)

    just aim to do as much effort as you personally can do for all your subjects
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    2024 HSC Chat

    week 1 already feeling the pressure 😭
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    1141 with only MX1

    Requirement of Adv. Comp Sci.
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    1141 with only MX1

    Hey everyone. I am planning on doing the advanced comp sci course (should be available when I apply). Just one question though, how possible is doing 1141 with only MX1? I am pretty passionate about maths and deeply enjoy the subject, but I won't be able to pickup MX2 due to flunking my first...