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    UAI RELEASED EARly lol check them

    lol it's out
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    Can someone estimate my uai

    HSC Mark Chem 92 phy 96 ext1 math96 ext 2maths 91 std english 80 wat do u think i'll get?
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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    lol 5 c? anyone 1.c 2.a 3b 4.c 5.c 6.a 7.a 8.b 9.b 10.b 11.d 12.a 13.d 14.c 15a
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    Error in answer to HSC 2003 Q5?

    it's D, it's muddy, get rid of suspended solids first.
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    The GPe questiona dn the mass and distanceH

    wat did u use if I2 ?
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    The GPe questiona dn the mass and distanceH

    but that's whent eh rod is statinary,, in not current in second rod right
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    The GPe questiona dn the mass and distanceH

    How did u guys do it, i jst lft em. For the Distance between two rods, i jst didn't knwo the F the net force force = attractive (RIght?) - mg i didn't know what m and i didn't know what the net force was lol, how do u do it?
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    2006 Neap Trial

    lol i have way for crap for chem but i dun go to JR, jst bought it.
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    Some questions

    As astronaut of Mass 08 kg experiences a force 01 1176 N from his seat during launch when the rocket is just above the launch pad. What is the acceleration of the rocket. Compare the conduction of insulators and intrinsic semiconductors at absolute zero Compare the conduction of...
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    2006 Neap Trial

    lol u saying i go 2 JR?
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    2001 NEAP trial solutions

    i have 02 solsutions and have some astro and quarks 01 solution.
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    Misadventure Form

    if the noise was large enough, lol maybe? anyone answer to my question
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    say i didn't put a prefernce in for UTS now, but put it later. Does the EAS still get counted? When will i kno if my EAS has been accepted?
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    projectile q

    can any one explain this using 3u approach lo.
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    Stopsign's Chemistry Marathon (2006)

    Write an equation of water reacting with NaOH a B-L base. I can't do it
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    Misadventure Form

    actual examination mark, so in 4u it's better not to apply for misadventure, due to scaling?,
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    didn't u see any of the past hsc english papers?
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    Misadventure Form

    For the form, if you your appeal is uphelp do you get assesmentmark for for hsc mark? or whichever one is higher? Say for 4u maths, my assesment mark sent to BOS is 75 and in the hsc i get a raw mark of 74 % and assume it is scaled 91%. Would BOS compare 74 to 75 or 91% to 75%. And if they...
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    2005 Neap Trial Solutions

    Does anyone have solutions to last years Neap trial? thx
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    related texts

    why did they this yr for module c only ask for 1 related, every other yr, it was 2.