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  1. 00iCon

    The public behaviour of youths of 'middle-eastern appearance'

    Not as bad as us, thrown in the deep end. At least you will have material to work from.
  2. 00iCon


    :D zif u don't know AC peaks are 330V. we were told that in Engineering AND Physics(for no reason). then u divide 240 by 300... My friend actually did it the other way. he went 240/0.707 for each and circled the one which made most sense... i.e. B
  3. 00iCon

    why english is compulsary

    yea that!
  4. 00iCon

    Game Name Game

    2142 Battlefield (yeah, i know...)
  5. 00iCon

    ADF Cadets

    me? ur wrong if so...
  6. 00iCon

    estimate pleasee!

    idk... did you find any of the exams easier than others?
  7. 00iCon

    Could Someone Explain Scaling

    In the end it's human controlled i believe.
  8. 00iCon

    why english is compulsary

    If it does... then what about introducing a subject called Genaral Ability? The way English could work, is that you HAVE to pass it (or you have to do your exam again to get an ATAR) but once you pass, it isn't counted unless it's one of you best 10 units. Credit goes to me. I want some royalties!
  9. 00iCon

    Who thinks they are going to get 99.95 ATAR this year?

    NOOOO! You're the only person that can bring up our school! BTW I bribed the Board to give me 99.96 so im happy :D It wasn't much... but it was an asset rather than cash. That's all I'm willing to tell you.
  10. 00iCon


    OOOOH the holes are meant to be brought to the plane of sectioning! Not hidden detail, but ordinary holes as if you cut through them. If webs are not secitoned, we leave it blank or not draw it at all? AND the axle/rod, was it to be sectioned too? how do you section the theaded area?
  11. 00iCon

    The public behaviour of youths of 'middle-eastern appearance'

    but you're alone. why can't these packs do something constructive?
  12. 00iCon

    what proof is there that god exists?

    Sacrificing the son was simply a tactic. Back to my simple argument again: EXPLAIN STIGMATA! or more recently (though contary to my faith) the baby with Quran readings on its body. Whoverer said it must be some weird disease, isn't is such a beautiful and divine disease then?
  13. 00iCon

    Was that a Maths exam?

    I assume you just finished? just like me :D
  14. 00iCon


    i got those answers. For the drawing, do you section the web? and how would the holes look then? I invented my own drawing standards back there.
  15. 00iCon

    How many people have found a job already?

    Get you parents to give you a loan... work it off later.
  16. 00iCon


    i remember getting 300 voltage drop = 4.5 V = IR 4.5 = 0.015R <- 15miliAmps = 0.015 A (there's your problem) R = 300 Ohms
  17. 00iCon


    It wasn't a couples question... It was sooo easy! My MC answers 1 C 2 A <guessed it :( 3 A 4 D 5 D 6 B 7 C < not completely sure 8 B 9 D < lol idk, either A or D 10A
  18. 00iCon

    call of duty: modern warfare 2 [video]

    Yes. It's a crime not to.