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  1. Aerath

    Do Silver Service Taxis Cost the same??

  2. Aerath

    Selective schools debate

    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that certain people are predisposed towards doing well in the HSC, whereas the more "creative" maths that people undertake in university and for example, Olympiads, benefits those that are more predisposed towards "pure" mathematics. For example, I...
  3. Aerath

    Should I study Law?

    Law is steadily becoming a pretty solid generalist degree. There are more specialised degrees such as Social Work/International Development, but if you have the marks for law, and don't mind the challenge, go for it.
  4. Aerath

    Is Law worth it now?

    As Strawberry said - there's an oversupply of graduates in every aspect. Law's no exception. I think law gets a bigger rap than the others because 10 years ago (ok, maybe 15 now), law was kinda a golden ticket to employment, particularly if you went to a Go8 uni. That's no longer the case...
  5. Aerath

    Why do people choose to do Law?

    Am a lawyer. It's not as high as you think. If you're tempted by the money, do management consulting or investment banking.
  6. Aerath

    Should I take the LAT even if I'm unsure if I want to pursue law?

    I disagree. I did Arts/Law, Arts major was PoliSci. Really had no intention of going into politics, but enjoyed it nevertheless. Had every intention of going into law. Do what you enjoy. You'll do much better doing stuff you enjoy - that's my view.
  7. Aerath

    Marks for legal employment - sacrificing results for work?

    Can honestly say as someone who's a third year lawyer, don't sacrifice your marks for part time employment. If your financial situation permits, get some volunteer experience, but beyond that, for the purpose of clerkships/grad jobs, marks are important. This is coming from someone whose marks...
  8. Aerath


    If IPT stands for some kind of internal transfer, yes, your chances are pretty good. Edit: I'm obvo an old hand, so I don't know shit about this new LSAT/LAT thingo thing for UNSW, so it may be contingent upon that and/or interviews, if that's still around.
  9. Aerath


    I'm guessing lawyer? :P Nawwwwwwwww, I'm being facetious. As Trans4M said, intellectual property is a big thing for those with a Sci/Law background. But if you chose something else, that wouldn't necessarily preclude you from pursuing IP. I'm a commercial lawyer, specialising in public...
  10. Aerath

    Finance/commerce (accounting) or Law/commerce (accounting), which has more 'scope'?

    Re: Finance/commerce (accounting) or Law/commerce (accounting), which has more 'scope I hesitate to say no, but I will say it's unlikely. That's only a question you can answer.
  11. Aerath

    Fourth year law student - ask me anything!

    Well, I thought I would contribute a bit. Bit of nostalgia being around here againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. By way of context, graduated from high school in 2009, from uni in 2014, work at a mid-tier in Sydney (and my partner just quit his top-tier job). I work in insurance law. I clerked and...
  12. Aerath

    Using old edition textbooks

    For those two subjects (I presume they're USyd subjects), old editions are fine. For something like Corporations Law, or Admin, or even Torts or Contracts, you would need more up to date stuff, bc particularly for Corps or Admin, the law changes every year.
  13. Aerath

    Good double degree in Law?

    Do whatever you want to do with law. That way if law isn't for you, you'll have something you'll enjoy as your back up. If you want to be a lawyer, it won't matter what your other degree is. You'll work with people who were Arts/Law grads(doing M&A), you'll work with Comm/Law grads...
  14. Aerath

    How many contact hours for a 1st-yr combined arts/ law degree?

    Arts Law at USyd is 12 hours.
  15. Aerath

    Law graduate job outlook

    I went to USyd, and I was fortunate enough to get a grad job. I think there's a correlation/causation fallacy with the UNSW/USyd law students getting jobs. To put it into perspective, think of it like the HSC. People at Ruse typically do better than people from your local public high school...
  16. Aerath

    Prospects for environmental law?

    You can do either side of environmental law. Obviously, the most obvious thing that springs to mind is the EDO. But don't forget, there are plenty of other environmental law careers out there. I work at a commercial law firm, and in the Property group, there is Environmental litigation and...
  17. Aerath

    The Bachelorette 2015

    Yes. I won $500 at work because Snezana was my Bachelor sweep draw. Yaaasssssss. Hopefully Sasha does me proud in the Bachelorette. Getting the first impression rose is a good start.
  18. Aerath

    Is law really the death sentence that everyone makes it out to be?

    You're not starting an argument - I think your point has merit, particularly for Arts, which is, for the social sciences side of things, pretty much law-lite. I did a BA as well, and you're right, I pretty much only studied around exam time, if that, whereas law was a constant struggle...
  19. Aerath

    'The Killing Season' Thread

    Greg Combet was a legend. Jenny Macklin is/was the conscience of the Labor party. Everyone else, meh.
  20. Aerath

    Same sex marriages

    m8, did you just call Graney a leftie? Boy oh boy oh boy. Someone hasn't been around long enough.