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    Official UAI Results

    SAM - 91.55 Actual UAI - 90.4 =] Stoked. I wanted to be a 90's kid soooo badly! Congradulations to everyone, remember theres always a way to get to where you want to be! the HSC is not everything. =]
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    Thoughts on the exam

    lol I think the times are all screwed up on here. lol. yeah when i posted it it was 2 and a half hours away. So incredibly happy thats over. No more hsccccc =]
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    Thoughts on the exam

    haha, I hope your just being sarcastic, and mimicking a lot of people on this wwebsite. the exam starts in 2 and a half hours jeeeeeeeeez =/ Cramming quotes in. aghh good luck =]
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    I went to Italy too with school. At the end of year 11 for 2 weeks. best freaking trip of my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] So moving to Rome after Uni =]
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    Pages written

    Module: Genre Elective: Crime Fiction. Pages For Essay: 24 Pages for Creative: 14 Total: 38 I write fairly large and messy. And i do feel bad for my marker. It was so unlegible lol. My Creative, was terrible. I think a year 7 student could have been more creative. lol. I was pretty...
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Yup. Writing until the last second in every exam. except chem and bio... they always have way to much time. Hoping for a high band 6 too for this exam =]
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    yes. Mr private school loser. you are a wanker. i know a lot of private school kids that are awesome. you mate are a loser. And i didnt mean to offend and sorry 'ill pull that pole out of my ass' about the extra paper. i know u dont need to use extra paper to get full marks. but if u write big...
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    General thoughts?

    I so screwed that =[ My story was shit. A year 7 kid could have written a mmore creative one that mine. And the essay didnt fit my essay. It was a shit question =[ Oh well im assessed 2nd so itll be okay.
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    Exam Thoughts

    I SO totally agree with you. I never learnt the kidney stuff. And punnet sqaures/sex linked etc always screwed me up. Xylem and Phloem aswel. i was like so stoked =] Ditto about the trials too lol I have a crappy teacher. haha
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Oh i didnt mean that you had to use extra paper for full marks. But if you write big like me then you do lol But i dont understand how and why people didnt ask for extra paper. Seriously! Maybe some people are robots. i would love their brains to do a three hour exam in 1.5 or 2 hours early. i...
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    Okay. I Honestly too do not see how it is possible to get a band 6 by leaving early. Thats bullshit. im assessed second. and All us top ten kids wrote the entire exam! To have well planned, well answered, detailed responses you cannot leave early and still expect a band 6. it is stupid. Oh and...
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    You did both questions? :confused: lol. Yes i Found Essay no2. Very hard. So i didnt do it. A was easier. But very very broad. Not specific enough, think i did quite well in general =] Pompeii + Herc was real good =] Sparta was good =] (except i jumbled up the religious festivals =[ ) Agrippina...
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods I did the Augustan Age. It was okay. But not what we predicted. our Questions were pretty broad. I didnt like it much. lol But im pretty sure i answerd it quite well. Have a reall good assesment, so hoping hsc will come through good =]
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    Exam Thoughts

    It was 20 A 20 T 30 G 30 C. Because they all have to add up to 100 %. And seeing as A and T are complementary, along with G and C, you have to have the same amount of the base pair. Sorry lol. It was only three marks but It was one of the only things i actually learnt from my stupid teacher...
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    Exam Thoughts

    I thought it wa sa pretty good exam. I didnt study much, have a pretty gay teacher which made me incredibly unmotivated lol. But yeah i didnt even look at past papers just read my summaries etc, Yeah after chwem i thort it would be SO hard but it was pretty good =]\ i bullshitted a bit but hey. =]
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    Genetics? Thoughts?

    I was prettttty happy with the questions. =] Easier than other papers ive looked at =] yuppp. so glad its overr but =]
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    How did you find the chem exam?

    Horrible. I went shockingly. I wish no body ever saw my exam paper, let alone marked it. lol It was a disgrace. Itll be 50-60maybe. Oh well. no more chem everr.
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    Damn. I knew i did bad. But thats depressing. I got nine wrong =[ Looks like chem is not counting for me lol. =/
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    English Modules: General thoughts

    =] Very happy. The questions were quite broad. Such as Emma/Clueless and Antony n Cleo. I think i did quite well. Speeches was also quite a good question. Overall i was quite happy with my attempt. i dont think i could have done any better than i did =] so im happy. I agree it was a race against...
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    What did you think of the chem paper? easy? hard? moderate?

    I thought it sucked. I studied heaps. But it wasnt much content based. more skills/caluclations. which i hate. im hoping for 60%. anything better is a bonus. so much for 5th assessmnet rank. i stuffed the exam =[ oh well. its overr =] lol