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  1. lochnessmonsta

    2014 Classes!!!

    I'm doing applied finance and economics so technically yes haha
  2. lochnessmonsta

    Macquarie Uni's Merit Scholarship

    Aww yes I got one
  3. lochnessmonsta

    MQ Roll Call 2014

    Bachelor of Applied Finance / Bachelor of Economics
  4. lochnessmonsta

    Chemistry (most and least favourite topics)

    I wish that the nuclear chemistry part of Production of Materials was a whole module on its own. I found it the most interesting section by far.
  5. lochnessmonsta

    Extension 2 questions for 2014?

    1 - I would discuss that with your teacher, I only did one myself and that is the most common. Although a nice idea might be to write a couple of short stories that all link together somehow. 2 - People will have varying suggestions for this, but here is what I suggest. Throughout Term 4 you...
  6. lochnessmonsta

    Chemistry (most and least favourite topics)

    The whole goddamn chemical monitoring and management topic is a piece of crap
  7. lochnessmonsta

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    So the underlying rate of inflation is essentially the headline rate without any volatile, one-off price movements e.g bananas after Cyclone Yasi, etc. So if the headline rate of inflation drops whilst the underlying rate of inflation stays the same, it means there was a drastic, volatile drop...
  8. lochnessmonsta

    Predicted marks

    Should be able to get around my trial mark or better considering the essays were easy. So 95+
  9. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    Depends on marking criteria
  10. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    You can't reduce revenue if you don't have any revenue initially. Read the question. The diagram is for both, and if it happened to only be for one of them, it would be for $10. Because that's the initial tariff.
  11. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    We all agree they get 5*20 =$100 in tariff revenue when it is a $5 tariff. All I'm asking is can you tell me how much they were getting when it was $10, if you are so sure.
  12. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    If anyone can tell me how much revenue the government was getting at a $10 tariff I will concede that it is B lol
  13. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    If I were PM and said all iron ore imports now have a 10% tax, I wouldn't get any money. That's because we don't import any iron ore (that I know of). In the question, when the price is $30 they don't have any imports. Hence no revenue. But when they lower the tariff they do get some imports...
  14. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    3 is C, because there is less inequality 18 is D, because increase in oil supply -> lower cost of oil -> lower headline inflation 19 is D, that's standard maths stuff 20 is D, there was no initial revenue I'm not sure about 11. I really don't know the answer
  15. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Economics

    So I think Q20 was a trick question. I think the answer is D because there are no imports, so in fact the revenue rises. Also I don't know what the answer to 11 is. I put b. Altogether a nice paper. I did macroeconomic policy mix and unemployment for the essays.
  16. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Went through my paper and looking at 70 without silly mistakes. So probably 68
  17. lochnessmonsta

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    There wasn't really a general theme this year, which was surprising. Essay was good, talked about patriarchal attitudes. Teachers hate patriarchy. Creative writing didn't really fit my prepared ones, so made it up on the spot. Ensured lots of description. Short answer not really difficult...
  18. lochnessmonsta

    Types of Chemistry

    For the dotpoint: Gather, process and present information from secondary sources about the work of practising scientists identifying: the variety of chemical occupations, a specific chemical occupation for a more detailed study How many occupations do you think is adequate to remember?
  19. lochnessmonsta

    2013 Federal election

    http://media.smh.com.au/news/national-times/poo-thrower-a-senate-chance-4732754.html Yes, we the Australian people are excellent at choosing suitable senators...
  20. lochnessmonsta

    Dux Calculations

    Haha that's my 4U maths class. 3 kids