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  1. DementedDonkey

    Powerplay - Related Texts

    I did Powerplay last year, but now I'm at uni keep finding texts that would've been fantastic for it. Metropolis (silent film-1926) - Fritz Lang. Might be a bit difficult to find, but I just found a copy on ebay for $6 - it'd be really easy to link with 1984. Something a bit different I...
  2. DementedDonkey

    Yr.12 Space PRAC exam

    Don't know if its too late.. but: We didnt do this as an assessment, but we did some pracs on projectiles using computer simulations.. sort of hard to prepare yourself for without the software though. Basically the program just shows you a video clip of say, a ball being thrown across a room...
  3. DementedDonkey

    Stupid Weimar question grrrrrrrrr

    More annoyed because our teacher told us we need not studying the weimar period in much depth because the bos had said they weren't going to be assessing that period anymore. Grr
  4. DementedDonkey

    entertainment VET

    "how can u not know how your gonna do for the vet part? you just either pass all ur competencies or you dont... we passed all ours months ago???" I meant markwise. I'm sure i'll pass, but I'm not really sure what band im looking at
  5. DementedDonkey

    entertainment VET

    Mult Choice : 1. B 2. A 3. A (what a stupid question) 4. A 5. C (another stupid qn) 6. D 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. A (though now im thinking C) 11. D 12. C 13. C (woo had physics the same day... ) 14.C 15. B We only had three at our school sit the exam. I think I wrote a lot less...
  6. DementedDonkey

    guess ur raw mark

    I did so badly. I've never gotten much below 80 before for phys, but i stuffed it up. i thought it was really hard. like question after question i was thinking "i've never done anything like this before". I've had 3 exams in the last two days so admittedly i hadnt dont as many past papers as i'd...
  7. DementedDonkey

    how did everyone go?

    yes! we hadnt done protestors.. i stuff that one up by just generalising and taking the question in a slightly different direction.. i was too scared by the other one, hadnt done enough study on berlin/cuba.. and i figured i couldnt bluff that much. annoyed about germany.. our teacher told us...
  8. DementedDonkey

    Good raw mark for UAI

    Don't know if anyone remembers, but a couple of years ago there was a similar uproar about the 2u paper, where people were saying how ridiculously hard it was, etc.. Anyway, was talking to a friend who was in that year, and he said that for that paper he would have answered less than half of...
  9. DementedDonkey

    The Aus article in reply to SMH article on paper two

    This article reminds me of something I heard on 2GB or whatever it is my dad listens to. The host was having a go at the BOS because they had heard that there was a subject called 2u Surfing, and was having a good ole whinge about the degeneration of students nowadays and how we are the dumbest...
  10. DementedDonkey

    For the 2 Unit kids..

    our school did cssa trials.. grr! They were so easy! Well, not easy for me, but compared to the hsc! The whole trial, in difficulty, was like question 1-6 in the hsc..ahhhhhhhhhhh
  11. DementedDonkey

    Angular Resolution Question

    Hahaha... Rowan and I are in the same class, and both freaked out about this.. I love that not only do we have no idea about the formulae... but have never even heard of this in relation to astro - what a joke.
  12. DementedDonkey

    CSSA 05 qns

    Apart from the first and last questions (a part (i), and f), this entire section was replaced by our teacher in the trials, so I was wondering if anyone could post up a copy of the answers to this section, as I'm not sure how they rewarded marks, etc. Thanks heaps.
  13. DementedDonkey

    The Difference of Two Cubes

    the question was x^3-27 Answer: (x-3)(x^2 + 3x + 9).. I got it wrong too.. purely out of exam stress, because i know how to do it but i remember writing 6x instead of 3x.. im so upset, i cant afford to lose any stupid marks like that.. i did so crap on the other parts..
  14. DementedDonkey

    Module B- Gwen Harwood

    Meh, wasted so much time on this stupid question. probably wrote the most for it.. but such a waste of time as it was all crap anyway. 3 poems was dumb, not enough time to do anything properly. used alter ego, glass jar and father and child.... wish i had just slept in this morning
  15. DementedDonkey

    Module B: Critical Study of Texts (Merged)

    Well, can't say that I'm not really angry that people who prepared their responses got lucky and that many people like myself who just studied everything got completely ripped off. In an ideal world it would be those with prepared answers that left the exam going "AHhhh i was so not ready for...
  16. DementedDonkey

    Question 3 |4 | 5

    Well, I thought the question sucked a bit for physical journeys.. i can see how it would be good for inner or imaginative.. but it just seemed too.. vague? for physical.. did anyone else do pj and find that?
  17. DementedDonkey

    Predict the 2005 Journeys Essay question

    I'm going to cry if they ask for a feature article.. its always too forced having to write about textual features etc in article form
  18. DementedDonkey

    English Advanced Trial Results

    Wow, looks like i may have done the worst here, brilliant!
  19. DementedDonkey

    Cssa Results

    81... im sorry but im bummed. lost so many stupid marks because of things like: I copied one of the formulas for astro down wrong and they asked for the same formula in two qns; and just dumb one markers that i had to write like a paragraph for and then id stuff up one word and that's the mark...