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    help with a question

    find the greatest coefficient of (4x-3y)^9 with working thanks
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    engineering studies

    has anyone else finished there trials for engineering studies?
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    Is it possible for me to get a 75+ ATAR with these ranks?

    i reckon u are 80ish but whats your school rank though?
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    2014 Fifa World Cup Winner

    so agreed was so fricking awesome germany ftw!!!
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    drawings in engineering studies?

    does any1 master drawings in engineering studies? orthagonal, pictorial etc???
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    2014 Fifa World Cup thread

    germany ftw!!!
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    Atar estimate ranks for 85+

    school rank 2013 170s 2014 230s keeps hovering around guy1 standard english 70/150 2unit maths 50/130 chemistry 25/80 physics 25/80 ecconomics 30/55 engineering studies 5/13 guy2 std english 45/150 3unit maths 40/70 4unit maths 32/33 chemistry 65/80 physics 25/80 eco 45/55 cheers
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    dont understand this question

    would be appreciated if someone helped me out here http://i.imgur.com/pMbVrVX.jpg the last question cheers :)
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    Long Response Question.

    yea ikr sooo annoying
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    media articles need help plz!!!

    hey guys does anyone have or has any good media articles for for the following economics sub topics external stability or Environmental Management, so far i am struggling on finding articles on these would be greatly appreicated thanks!!!