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  1. Vall

    School prohibiting dropping a subject

    often times if ur parents email (or even better call) the school and say what you want done, it’ll happen
  2. Vall

    2023 HSC chat

    guys stop laughing at my prior past, this is a serious matter (lol) also hopefully my bio encourages some of u? I remember last year deriving (no small bit) of motivation to study from wanting a cool BoS bio
  3. Vall

    What to do when detention {insert skull emoji}

    yea bro ur screwed obviously you didn't listen when the teachers said it'll be on ur permanent sentral record doomed
  4. Vall

    How easy to switch to a double

    do what dav said. should be chill tho
  5. Vall

    Engineering Studies

    tip: it does on horizontal mode also don’t listen to the haters: do engineering studies
  6. Vall

    doing more e1 study than adv (maths) even though it counts for half

    yes welcome to the life of a late yr12 student it’s basically impossible to estimate ur atar exactly but i reckon you can get a pretty good idea (like within an atar point) by after trials - if u r being realistic
  7. Vall

    Factorials :/

    can’t we just sub the identity from (i) into (ii)? so the thing in part two becomes: = (2! - 1!) + (3! - 2!) + (4!! - 3!) + … + ((n - 1)! - n!) + (n! - (n-1)!) + ((n+1)! - n!) = (n+1)! - 1 (all the terms cancel out except those two)
  8. Vall

    doing more e1 study than adv (maths) even though it counts for half

    ik 95 ain’t bad but you gotta remember this is boredofstudies.com (atar below 100 is bad lol)
  9. Vall

    92 (Or Even 90) ATAR still Possible

    eagerly awaiting the good news story on Thursday 14th december at 9am
  10. Vall

    Should I do Science Extension?

    i don’t know why everyone is saying to do it. if ur aiming for med then u probably shouldn’t do it. i started sciX then dropped when i realised how much effort it required even to just pass and decided it wasn’t worth it (it was also my 13th yr12 unit). at my school (top 10 selective) i think...
  11. Vall

    maths advanced selection test thingo

    yea if the school says no to you for whatever reason just get ur parents to call or email the school. the school isn’t really allowed to stop you from doing advanced maths (or pretty much any subject). this method worked for me (for a different subject)
  12. Vall

    doing more e1 study than adv (maths) even though it counts for half

    u probably shouldn’t just do 3u study. i (as a 4u student) didn’t study for 3u at all until after my 4u exam during the HSC block which i regret. did kinda bad on the 3u exam and should’ve studied more for it
  13. Vall

    doing more e1 study than adv (maths) even though it counts for half

    the other option is to never study english and just do really well in everything else (despite the finishing returns) and still get a good atar DISCLAIMER: please consider whether the academic advising provided by “vall” is appropriate to your specific circumstances. this does NOT constitute...
  14. Vall

    CASIO fx-8200 AU - new calculator coming next year.

    does it represent exact values with pi too? (Like if you type 4pi + 3pi will it say 7pi or just a bunch of decimals) asking because I have seen the chinese version of the fx-100 does that (and also has the surd exact values) but obviously the chinese fx-100 is not NESA approved
  15. Vall

    CASIO fx-8200 AU - new calculator coming next year.

    i don’t know if i can part with my edition fx-100 yet
  16. Vall

    Tips for Memorising

    +1 for handwriting them out start off with the essay right next to you and try and minimise you looking at it (if you remember some of it already) then on the next write up (or maybe the one after) flip the essay you're memorising upside down and only flip it over to look at it when you are...
  17. Vall

    Are course warnings permanent even if I drop the class in a week?

    pretty sure you only get an N-award after some number of warnings. so if this your first warning there is no worry
  18. Vall

    Are morning classes worth it ?

    guys ur not meant to skip classes until u get to uni lol
  19. Vall

    Lost all motivation

    days off studying are beneficial and more beneficial than saying "I'm gonna study" and then just sitting at your desk doing whatver it is that isn't studying. if you're not being productive then stop lying to yourself and take a break (and it doesn't count as a break unless you leave your desk)...
  20. Vall

    engineering studies

    I have zero idea of your context so I can't say if you'll find it hard. I admit engineering studies has a lot of content that you need to learn at a relatively fast pace. BUT a significant portion of the content overlaps with other HSC subjects such as physics, IPT, SDD, chemistry and maths. If...