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  1. Snaykew

    How were your first days (or first days back)?

    I'm loving my third year. Something clicked in my head and I am actually doing my uni work. Pretty enjoyable actually.
  2. Snaykew


    For me I have to drive 20 minutes to uni. :(
  3. Snaykew


    Less days at uni is better. Going to uni just for one class is lame.
  4. Snaykew


    You should go ahead and believe what the timetable tells you. :P
  5. Snaykew


    LAW101 has seminars first week.
  6. Snaykew

    Fallout 3 help

    Do you have the Mothership Zeta DLC?
  7. Snaykew

    What's wrong with being an 18 year old virgin?

    If people find it necessary to care about whether or not someone is a virgin, then perhaps they have their priorities in life wrong, or they got nothing going for them so they talk about other peoples' perceived faults.
  8. Snaykew

    What would you tell your parents?

    I don't have any set things I do or do not tell them. Just whatever comes up. Except my uni marks. :(
  9. Snaykew

    Does the Illuminati even exist?

    I'm sure origanisations of that type exist in varying degrees of influence.
  10. Snaykew


    I already got my books and got some notebooks to write in. But of course this is my third year.
  11. Snaykew

    Model to sell virginity for $1.8 million

    Didn't know prostitution was a "devout" Catholic value.
  12. Snaykew

    Extreme Anti-Abortion lobby prompts probe

    Bloody vicious cannibal women.
  13. Snaykew

    Lhc Suicide

    How funny that it was the twat fearmongers pushing the idea who ultimately caused death whereas the LHC caused no casualty.
  14. Snaykew

    Large Hadron Collider - Death Threats

    Well, uh, we attracted the attention of a vast alien race who is going to come and destroy us!
  15. Snaykew

    The Energy Debate

    How long does it take to build a nuclear plant and what does it cost?
  16. Snaykew

    Extreme Anti-Abortion lobby prompts probe

    Nobody is forcing people to have abortions. Fuck off already. Next thing you know, mastarbation by males will be illegal because you are killing life.
  17. Snaykew

    What is the best trilogy of books or series?

    A Song Of Ice And Fire Wheel Of Time :D
  18. Snaykew

    The secret to success is English NOT French nor Chinese

    Wow, Frenchies taking a step down in the ego ladder? Disaster looms on the horizon... Also I don't see Chinese mentioned in the article. =x
  19. Snaykew

    Proportion of Jewish Nobel Prize Winners

    I bet a lot of those Jews who won nobel prizes fit into the American category too.